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  1. Thank you for the responses. My windows defender is deactivated as I have AVAST & Malwarebytes Premium on my machine. All scans of MBAM & Avast report no infections. Does windows defender "silently" update itself even though it is deactivated?
  2. Hello, I have windows 8.1 with AVAST & Malwarebytes 2.0 (Premium). Avast has been prompting alerts for SVCHost downloading "am_delta_e......exe" & "nis_delta_patch_.....exe" from au.v4.download.windowsupdate.com with no digital signatures (as shown in the enclosed attachments). Malwarebytes did not prompt any alerts or warnings! Are these files/downloads legitimate microsoft sources? Thank you!
  3. I checked the protection log and found that It is blocking the ip address 2013/10/19 19:22:56 -0400 ABCPC useren IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 52302, Process: chrome.exe) but no pop-ups even though the 'show tooltip' is enabled. Thanks for all the help!!
  4. No pop-ups. I have not received a single pop-up in the last 3 months (since I migrated to Windows 8 Pro) - that was my concern. All scans (malwarebytes & windows malicious software removal tool) are clean (0 detections). PS: I have Malwarebytes Pro (updated daily) with realtime protection enabled. The default windows defender is also active and the windows firewall is configured to exclude malwarebytes processes as per this forum's post.
  5. Weird .. I am receiving this message in IE10 This page can't be displayed Make sure the web address http://iptest.malwarebytes.org is correct.Look for the page with your search engine.Refresh the page in a few minutes.and "Unable to access the network" in Chrome. My internet connection is *working* correctly on other websites. Any ideas on what may cause this? Thanks for all the help!
  6. Is this URL still active? I would like to test my installation on Windows 8 (with built-in win8 defender). I have not received any notification on windows 8 (which is a good thing ) but I just want to make sure it is detecting and working.
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