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  1. 20 years, you young whipper snapper! Well, each machine is running the Malwarebytes client. I'm definitely not using one install to scan 1000s of machines. So the powershell script actually opens up a cmd instance on the remote machine itself and calls the commands locally. Any yes, these machines have a scheduled task, but it still fails to remove PUPs (it logs them however which is why this script is written). Where in the registry can I modify Malwarebytes to automatically remove PUP items found during a scan?
  2. Seems like there would be some type of confiction with Norton and Malwarebytes. If possible exclue any Norton products within Malwarebytes itself and exclude Malwarebytes in the Norton software. Then see if those error messages still appear. I've had a similar instance with my anti-virus product. Essentially I excluded the main .EXE files from being scanned by Malwarebytes.
  3. Definitely sounds like your domain administrator locked down what ever AD group(s) you are apart of. Might be worth putting in a request to your local IT to see if this is something they would allow. Are you normally allowed to install your own software onto the machine in question?
  4. From what I've observed, Malwarebytes will only detect potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and give you the ability to remove them only if you do a manual scan and specifically tell the program to remove them. I've been running into this a lot lately. It's not that it's an issue or that the PUP is malware, it's more of a notice to you so that you are conscious that this can potentially be a point of infection at some point. It sort of an awarness compaign to let people know that this kind of thing gets bundled in with some types of free software. C.Reeves
  5. Hi! I'm new to the forums but have been using Malwarebytes for some time now. I have a powershell script that I use to run automated scans of remote machines. It also has the ability to remove whatever it finds. I'm using MBAMAPI.EXE at the core of the script. Now this may be a long shot, but are there any switches that I can use with MBAMAPI that will allow me to remove PUPs as well? I know there has been a change (probably not so recent at this point) and Malwarebytes as a whole is taking a more agressive stance against PUPs, which I'm on board for. I just can't seem to find a way to remotely remove them, which means things just keep coming back. Asking my end users to do this themselves is pretty much out of the question (Unix to Windows users here, GUI is new and foreign). If there isn't a way to have MBAMAPI.EXE do this, is there possibly another approach or has anyone else tackled this same issue? Thanks in advance for any help/insight! C.Reeves
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