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  1. That shouldn't be a problem. If it, for some reason, does, please let us know. Glad to know it's working.
  2. I know that MBAM and Norton 360 can clash if MBAM is not white listed. When MBAM is added to the whitelist of Norton they should work fine. Since both Norton 360 and NIS are from the same company and product line I assume they will behave the same way. I'd also like to add that Norton/symantec will never say that Norton is compatible with MBAM's real-time protection to avoid people going "but you said it would work, now fix it." at norton support. (Where to find the disable real-time protection of MBAM is discribed in the end of this post.) Some instructions about how to set the white list. (Click "show") They are quite outdated, (still for version 1.75) but it should allow you to find most MBAM components. If it doesn't work and you experience system freezes or other symptoms associated with NIS and MBAM clashing, please post back. You can disable the real-time protection in MBAM Premium 2 in the "detection and Protection" part of the settings. But MBAM will give a warning indicator in it's icon and a pop-up. You can just close the pop-up. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or run into any problems, please post & ask. Update: according to this topic MBAM and NIS get together very well.
  3. When preforming the reinstall, did you download the latest version of MBAM for the reinstall? (With latest I mean, downloaded seconds before reinstalling, not: "I still had the installer of yesterday") I hope this helps. If it still doesn't work, you run into any problems or have any questions, please post & ask.
  4. Well, hat's an unexpected one. For me the scheduled scans always run in the background. In fact, I don't even know how to get MBAM to run a scheduled scan in the foreground. To help the development team, what version of windows are you using? (i'm using windows 7)
  5. Hi paulderdash, In addition to what daledoc1 wrote: I read in your post that you are running two anti-virus products. Namely: Microsoft security essentials and Webroot SecureAnywhere (WSA). This can lead to problems like system freezes and slowdowns. In contrast to MBAM are MSE and WSA not made to work with other anti-virus/anti-malware programs. Since MSE scores abysmal in the tests and even microsoft recognizes that it's not living up to standards I advise to remove MSE. If you're lucky this might just fix your problem. Please follow daledoc1's instructions, the experts will need those logs to help you fix your problem. I hope this helps,.If you have any questions, please post and ask.
  6. Same here. (except for the "I reported here" part.) Without deep hooks every thing works fine.
  7. Hi mathscitch, Until AdvancedSetup returns: In the article AdvancedSetup mentioned a way of starting system repair from a CD is mentioned. (It's referred to as option two and is located at the bottom end of the article.) Did you try that option as well? In order to help you better, could you tell what operating system (widows xp, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, ect.) you are/were using on your computer? What is the manifacturer of your computer? (HP, Dell, Asus, just to name a few) Could you describe every thing your screen shows from the moment you press the power button until the computer has turned it self of? Do you have any important files on your computer of which you have no backups? If you don't have a system repair CD and don't have the windows-installation cd, does your husband use the same operating system? If you have any questions, please post and ask. Regards, Durew
  8. Congratulations with the milestone!
  9. To split the question in two: Is a vulnerability/outdated software scanner useful when anti-expoit software is present? A definite Yes for me. I prefer my security software to be "bored", and up-to-date software gives MBAE less work. Should MBAE have this feature? I'm not sure. PRO's: Can increase the security of the computer. Con's: any scanner failure is projected to the entire product. If the scanner fails too often it may reduce the user may start to think that the rest is not working either. It will increase the system load. Depending on how the scanner is implemented this may be insignificant. It will make mbae dependant on updates. More and more software has self-update features. Rendering the proposed scanner more and more obsolete. I'm pretty sure that firefox (the browser), adobe reader, VLC and Java have these self-update features. There are probably a lot more programs that have self-update features. Secunia PSI offers the scanning for updated software already, offering it for free for home users. Some download sites keep you alerted on software updates of programs you downloaded. Reducing the need and increasing the competition for the proposed scanner. If malwarebytes is going to implement it I'd say it would be best to keep it simple. Don't check all programs, just the ones protected by MBAE. I don't think automatic updating would be wise. Computers differ a lot and one file/program to meet all the requirements, that never breaks a configuration, will be very hard, if not impossible, to create. (For example (sandboxie): Programs fully installed within a sandbox are near impossible to update from outside the sandbox.) So keep it with an alert, optionally with a reliable update link to the author's site and a warning to opt-out for the mcafee-security scanner. And make it a tooltip-balloon thingy, or maybe an 'action center' warming, and not a huge message like MBAM likes to show. So far my thoughts about it at the moment. Edit: forgot the number: Make it a 6 for the subtle warning that is very light weight.
  10. @Afro: Two pieces of advise. Pick the solution that appeals the most to you. Please let us know how it worked out. @daledoc:
  11. Hi John A. From what I could make from the logs as a home user of MBAM. I have no formal training in reading the logs so if I'm off somewhere, please tell me. Now to get started. I noticed that you have Avast! Free anti-virus and Avira free antivirus. Running two piece of anti-virus software is generally not recommened. One of the problems that can be caused by using two pieces of anti-virus software is slower system. Did you set exceptions for MBAM in you anti-virus software? By default anti-virus software checks everything the other software does, so everything MBAM wants to scan is also checked by your anti-virus software. In combination with the new major version this may be the cause of the slow scans. Here an a bit dated walk-through to add exceptions for MBAM in Avast! And here a (dated) walkthrough to add exclusions for MBAM in Avira. (I think you have a 64-bit os, but if I'm wrong please tell me so I can post the 32-bit version.) As usual there is the disclaimer that I'm just a home user of MBAM 2.00. So I have no training in reading the logs you posted. Please tell us here whether this solved your problem. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please post & ask. (P.S. You may want to remove the old Java installation.)
  12. Hi afro, First of all. Something that might help: If you bought a license, make sure you have a copy of the ID and Key before proceeding. The idea is to revert MBAM to it's free version which does not have the features you seem fo find annoying. Open the MBAM main screen. Click on 'my account' (top right), and then on 'deactivate' (bottom left next to 'change license'). You may need to confirm. This should revert MBAM to the free version that does not offer the features you mentioned and will leave only the manual updating and scanning. I'm not really sure why you wouldn't want the premium features enabled but I think this will solve you problem. Another piece of advise that might help is provided by daledoc1 (below this post). Take a look at his/her solution as well, it may fit your needs better. I hope this will help. If you have any questions, please ask.
  13. Hi Scottydog, Despite my shine title I'm not a member of the staff. I'm just a forum volunteer. So I cannot move topics around. (But you can copy-past the content of you first post.) You can just start a new topic at "Malware Removal Help" (don't forget to include a dds log) or contact customer support. Though this may seem like a long procedure, it is what we think it takes to maintain high standards. (There is a reason people are advised to come here regarding malware problems.) Malware is always seen as a serious threat at this forum and this is why there is no one-stop answer and a bit of work is required. When it concerns malware, no. At this forum malware removal is done with great care and not trusted to the general public. Only those with propper training are allowed to help, and the best way to reach them is via "malware removal help" (or customer service). More about who is authorised to help with malware removal can be found here: "Groups authorized to help with malware removal logs". I hope this answered your questions, if you have any further questions, please post & ask. (Try to keep it in one post.)
  14. Oh, forgot to mention. The forum support option mentioned in the topic I linked to is free. (See this topic for a bit more about the forum support in malware removal: "I'm infected - What do I do now?") The other one (customer service) requires a MBAM PRO license. It happens often that people mistake "malwarebytes anti-malware help" subforum for the "malware removal help" subforum. Due to forum rules no one is allowed to help with malware-removal outside the "malware removal" subforum. This is to keep the quality high. (As I am no malware-removal expert. I'm not allowed to post at 'malware removal' unless I'm the one infected.) Thus the best I can do is refer you to the correct place to go. (In my opinion your not being rude. ) If you have any questions left, please ask.
  15. Hi scottydog, Since your computer is infected I suggest you read the following topic: "Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers". It explains how to get help from the malware experts in removing the malware/miner. At this part of the forum we are not allowed to run the tools required to remove the bitcoin-miner. I hope this helped. If you have any questions or run into any problems, please post & ask.
  16. In addition to XiRw: In version 3 of hitmanPro.alert an anti-exploit feature will be included. As XiRw correctly noted, this is an upcoming beta version. Here is the blog-post where it is announced: http://www.surfright.nl/en/home/press/surfright-announces-alert-3
  17. MBAE and EMET complement each other. To say it short: MBAE protects the programs it can protect better, but EMET can protect a lot more programs/processes. AFAIK: At the moment EMET offers some protection techniques that MBAE does not use, this should change in the future. (As far as I remember a post from pbust.) So I have decided to use both EMET and MBAE. In the article XiRw mentioned, it is also noted that EMET is still a good program to use. Just that it can be bypassed doesn't make it worthless, no program is perfect. (That's why we use layerd security.) On the website of hitman pro the word 'exploit' isn't used in the description of hitmanpro.alert. So I wouldn't use hitmanpro.alert for blocking exploits but for the rest, use it, it does other useful things. (Edit: hitmanpro.alert 3 will offer exploit protection, this version is yet to be released at the moment of writing.) As a post from a while back from pbust explains the difference between EMET and MBAE rather well, I'll quote it below: The white paper about the EMET 4.1 bypass: http://bromiumlabs.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/bypassing-emet-4-1.pdf
  18. Ehrm, smipx013 did use the spycar-suite as mentioned in the article you linked to.
  19. I wish all the problems here where this easy to solve. (And welcome to the forum.)
  20. hi compnoob1, First of all: Welcome to the forum, As you mentioned in you topic title, you may very well be infected. Therefore I advise you to read Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and act accordingly to get help in getting any malware removed. In this subforum we cannot use the tools necessary to remove malware. This due to forum policy. I hope this helps. If you have any questions please post & ask. (As I am no malware expert I am not allowed to give instructions about removing malware.)
  21. Hi jon64, Welcome to the forum. Since you wrote that you ran not just a quickscan but a full scan as well, does this mean you suspect that your computer is infected? If so, please take a look at this topic. At this topic it is explained how to get help with a possibly infected computer via the forum. (This is free of charge.) If the problem persists after malware has been ruled out we can continue here. If you were just preforming routine scans, please follow the following steps mentioned below my post and attach the log-files. If you use windows 8 you can skip the first step as dds doesn't work on windows 8. The steps should provide logs so the experts can see more clearly what is going on. Could you tell us how long you've (approximately) waited before deciding that MBAM stalled? I hope this will help us help you, if you have any questions or run into any problems, please post & ask. (Quote form daledoc1)
  22. Hi wirey, First of all, welcome to the forum. As far as I can tell your problem is that nothing happens when you click on the installation file. But you also talk about not knowing what is blocked. This is a bit confusing to me as the first sentence suggests you failed to install Malwarebytes anti-exploit and the second sentence suggests that you already installed malwarebytes anti-exploit. Thus a few questions to clarify things, feel free to elaborate: Did you manage to install malwarebytes anti-exploit (MBAE)?Did you click in the installation file to install MBAE or the shield icon to open the graphic user interface (GUI) of MBAE? Or did you mean something else with 'install tool'?Did you click on the file/icon once or did you double-click? Did you try selecting the install tool and than pressing 'enter'?What version of MBAE are we talking about?Is your second sentence related to the problem described in the first sentence? (Or is the second sentence just a suggestion unrelated to the problem?) I hope this will help us help you. If you have any questions, please post & ask.
  23. Hi Dave9594, This is assuming you are getting adequate help from WindowsSevenforums. At this forum we have a place where malware-experts help people with infected computers to get them clean again, just in case you need it. I'll leave the decision about infections and where best to get help to others. You can find the log-files on your computer and copy them to your tumb-drive. You can find the location of the logfiles below. If you still can't find them, try using the log-tab of MBAM to locate them. (Or open them and save them to your tumb-drive.) Shamelessly stolen from daledoc1: The logtab: I hope this helps, if you have any questions, please let me know. Edit: The link to the page where Dave is being helped at WindowsSevenForums, just for reference.
  24. Hi IanRobbo, I think AdvancedSetup meant to post this link about cleverbridge. On the linked page you fill in your email-address and they will send you all the keys of all the software your bought via cleverbridge. From the customer support part of the site of Cleverbridge: If it doesn't work, for example because you didn't order via cleverbridge, please let us know. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please post & ask.
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