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  1. Hi NeoBeum, That would indeed be a nice option. Although I suspect it may be indirectly in there by automatically using the system language. (The language setting in MB controls the data notation in MB.) It's a bit too long ago for me to since I last installed it to remember what MB did back then. Regards, Durew
  2. Hi kamama, Could you tell a bit more? Like: What version of windows are you using? Are you trying to use system restore to 'restore you computer to an earlier date' (there are more options). What make you think it is the 'virus protector'? Do you want to restore the PC to an earlier date due to an infection? Is the 'virus protector' malwarebytes or another program? Our more expert members like to know this kind of stuff. To turn of malwarebytes, right click the system tray icon and select 'quit malwarebytes'. I hope this helps. Regards, Durew
  3. Hi pinkish, I think windows 7 is more vulnerable. see http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-windows-7-is-way-more-exposed-to-ransomware-than-windows-10/ From what I read online I think windows 10 is better protected against malware in general. I hope this helps. Regards, Durew
  4. Hi aronya1, I'll have to add my little 'no expert' and 'no employee' disclaimer here: As far as I know, there is no license that covers 2 PC's and I'm not aware of any pro-rating. I'm afraid you'll just have to buy a seperate license for the additional system. I'll tag the license expert here so he/she can correct me if I'm wrong @celee I hope this helps. Regards, Durew
  5. Hi dont_touch_my_buffer, I'm no expert in this field but I can offer a source that might help: The first is a test in which Malwarebytes is tested for its ability to handle ransomware: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Zemana_ransomware_detection.pdf I hope that Cerber can be detected by now. Youtube, your place for inaccurate testing, is not very promising. I hope this helps and I wish I had a more comforting story. Regards, Durew
  6. Hi all, I'd like to make a few remarks on some things stated. Basically, yes. There are many fora out there, like bleepingcomputers and wildersecurity where security nuts gather and talk. Malwarebytes has quite the reputation there. As addition to an existing AV though, AFAIK. As Porthos seems to support. Using MB without AV is not something I recommend either. Whether MRG effitas did or did not disable windows defender I don't know. Except that Malwarebytes must be able to work alongside other anti-malware/anti-virus software. Especially anti-exploit stuff is bound to cause conflicts and as such it is desirable to be able to turn parts of the protection offered by Malwarebytes off. (Some only wanted the anti-exploit as they have their other bases covered and didn't want to dedicate more resources.) A lot of people are/were asking to allow this without continuous warning. As such I consider this argument invalid. Better, I prefer to have the ability to tweak a program. Back in the time when the modules were fully separated a lot of people asked for an integrated solution. (Guess what happened when they listened tot he community...) Malwarebytes uses layers security. Although I agree that the anti-ransomware module does not seem on par yet, the case that is build that malwarebytes is more than the sum of its parts. That the anti-ransomware part would be breached would not mean that another layer wouldn't have stopped it somewhere in the infection chain. This makes accurate testing of the system as a whole difficult. For me, malwarebytes is only one of the security layers on my PC. Due to it's compatibility issues with sandboxie and the presence a few other security layers, malwarebytes doesn't do much. As such I cannot say much about its efficiency. It is hard to judge one layer if the collective holds off everything it faces. (AFAIK of course) https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Zemana_ransomware_detection.pdf They even made second place. Not bad considering the testing procedure. Sometimes someone slips through. The described procedure is "If no one has replied to your new topic after 48 hours please contact a Moderator or Administrator to let them know. " I suggest you send one a kind reminder. I hope this clarifies, feel free to ask I you have any questions left. Kind regards from a home user, Durew
  7. I seem to be missing something. How does anti-exploit prevent an attached executable (disguised as a more legit file-type) from being executed? As no software vulnerabilities are used I don't see when it would trigger. To return to the MRG Effitas report (https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MRG-Effitas-360-Assessment-2017-Q1_wm.pdf). It uses windows 10. The premise of downloading and trying to execute a malicious file doesn't seem unreasonable. (As discussed before with the e-mail attachment scenario.) Does the report look like a valid test to evaluate MBAM 3? I hope someone can give me some insight here. Regards, Durew
  8. From a security perspective I fully agree. From a practical perspective less so. When the boss of my lab sends out the report of last meeting she is not going to be pleased with sixty phone calls to verify authenticity whilst with only little inside knowledge someone could send a fake one a bit ealier than the real report. I was refering to the "important.pdf.exe" files with good looking logo 'n stuff. I have extensions visible by default, but most don't have that. And on my lesser days I may fall for it as well. Thanks for you speedy reply. Regards, Durew
  9. Hi Porthos/Aura, I don't consider myself an expert in judging the validity of tests, thus I'd like your opinion on this report. It seems quite legit to me. The only protection bypassed is the exploit protection but as Telos mentioned, via social engineering ("legit looking email with important 'PDF' attached") an exploit is not always required for infection. Could I have your view(s) on this? Regards, Durew
  10. Hi, Here is a document outlining why MBAM only participates in certain tests. Most youtube video's show simplified testing-methods that do not give accurate results. As Porthos already pointed out. (In case you don't think testing agencies are not that stupid, I once read a report of MRG effitas that tested the capabilities of sandboxie against keyloggers.) That said, I do agree with Iock that the number of tests that Malwarebytes participates in could and should be higher. I'd like to see the comparison between Malwarebytes and the competition in a fair match. I couldn't find it. CRDF seems to have tested MBAM, I can't find their site anymore though. I would welcome any links to a valid test of Malwarebytes 3.0 or 3.1 Regards, Durew
  11. Hi JonathanPDX, As a work around until something is done about this: change the display language of MBAM to "English (U.K.)" in settings->Application. This changes the date notation. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  12. Hi gkar, Now you mention it, a piece of malware could send messages without your knowledge, so checking for an infection wouldn't be a bad idea.. If you want to make sure you are not infected I'd recommend turning to the malware removal part of this forum. It deals with "am I infected?"-questions as well. I advise to read this post first, it explains what steps to take before posting. That way everything runs more smoothly. If they give a clean bill of health you're good. It would give me more confidence than yet another anti-malware/virus scan. I hope this helps. Regards, Durew
  13. Hi gkar, When I get such messages it is from my e-mail provider. Generally because I try to mail something to a non-exsistant mail-adres. (Mostly due to typo's). Could this be the cause of your problem? Regards, Durew
  14. I guess so. Recently I saw a message from staff somewhere indicating that Tarun's solution will be implemented later on. (Don't recal where)
  15. Hi axkazex93, The principle behind a lot of exploit mechanisms can be found in the user manual of EMET. You can download it from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=50802 I hope this will help, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can't promise I can answer them though. Regards, Durew (not an IT student nor an IT professional)
  16. @Tarun Won't turning off anti-exploit or anti-ransomeware trigger continuous warning messages? I've heard quite a few people asking around on the forum asking how to disable these warning messages, only to be told it is impossible (and will continue to be impossible).
  17. Hi promidi, If you set the language to English (U.K.) the dates wil be displayed as you proposed. I hope this helped. If you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  18. Hi STAR, Can you explain at what point you do not understand the directions? We could try to walk you through it. Regards, Durew
  19. Hi Cabizzi, Did you just start a new topic here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/193954-real-time/ Regards, Durew
  20. Hi LinkinForcer, Malwarebytes only scans files that can be executed. Virusscanners tend to scan just 'n about every file it can find. As such, that the number of files scanned by malwarebytes is lower than that of your virusscanner is normal. I hope this awnsers your question. If you have any questions (left), feel free to ask. Regards, Durew
  21. Hi mohawk, Officially it is not a known issue, as it is not in the 'known issues' topic. Then again, I've seen the problem more often over here and used to encounter it myself. (I don't know why it got better.) I suggest you start your own topic about the problem with the realtime protection you experience so that those better versed in these kind of problems can help you solve it. Regards, Durew
  22. Hi filipanton, On my computer the service uses about 243 MB. So I'd say it probably normal, maybe a tad high but not excessive. It staff or expert disagrees with me than they are right. Regards, Durew
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