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  1. Malwarebytes found Spyware.zbot and I quarantined it. Is there anything else I need to do to make sure it is gone?
  2. Well chatted with Avast and they are baffled. Since I have reinstalled it I have had no issues. They think maybe it could have been a corrupt installation, but they are really not sure. In any case all is well for now. Thanks again for all your help!
  3. OK took me a while to reinstall Avast. But it looks totally different than the other version, which is the same as on my laptop. In any case, MBAM seems unaffected now. Still, I will chat with Avast and get their take on the whole mess. I will for sure let you know what they say. Thanks again for all your efforts! Really appreciate it!
  4. I can't believe it. Avast is blocking it. I uninstalled it and everything is normal.. So I need to be talking to Avast then?
  5. I will try uninstalling it and see what happens. Although, I have both programs on my laptop running just fine. Plus I have disabled Avast on this PC to see if it made a difference and it didn't.
  6. Still nothing. I did notice that Avast is still running even though I disabled it in the clean boot settings. I know it doesn't run in safe mode.
  7. OK I followed the instructions and there was no difference when I logged in. But how could that be if it runs in Safe Mode?
  8. OK, as soon as I removed it, cleaned it and reinstalled it it went back to the way it was before I named it iexplorer.exe. Now it won't run again and the icon is screwy. I changed my antivirus (Avast) and Windows firewall, just in case. Still nothing.
  9. OK, went through the Regedit oricess only to find there is no '0' folder in 'code indentifiers' (see screen cap attached). So no progress there. I have attached the other logs as requested. So sorry it took so long. This is a shared computer and someone else has been on here today. Thank you for your patience and efforts! Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  10. I ran a custom scan with rootkits selected. Came up with 3 items. They were in the quarantine of Adware Cleaner. I went ahead and removed them anyway. Here is that log. mbamcustom.txt
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