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  1. Well this is going to sound dumb so I'll start off with the first things I'd like to say. I'm posting this here because even tho I have left the mbam forums for a long time I've always found it's community to be far more nice and helpful then reddit and other communities and tbh I find reddit annoying as a medium. So I'm glad to be able to post it somewhere like this (I also own a copy of Malwarebytes Premium :P). Anyways I was just doing my daily stuff today. I had updated firefox (last night?) and what not. I will not lie. And I will admit. I have no yet updated windows for the patch that blocks the NSA exploits. *STUPID I KNOW* but I'm so far behind in updates I just haven't got around to it. :/ If someone could tell me exactly which updates fix that i'd speed download them first if that's even possible on windows 10. Getting to the point: I was on a website and windows firewall poped up saying it was blocking parts of firefox *no i didn't pay attention to the file path to see if it's the right firefox but I think it was?* So I freaked out and closed that tab. I then ran wireshark *which I had just installed that day* sadly I think I forgot to restart anyways missing driver and wireshark BSODed my PC. I think that happened before. So I freaked out. I have like 15 boot scan disk all over my floor *ok just a linux boot disk I couldn't find my boot scanners*. But It wouldn't run for some reason. So I booted into safemode and scanned a full scan with mbam. ZERO THREATS. I am still concerned. What could I do next to ensure I'm safe? I know I'm being pernoid. But I just wanan cover all my bases since if I have it it hasn't yet activated *cause i'm in safemode and bsoded at time of possible infection blah blah* Recommendations?
  2. MalwareBytes 3.0 Web Protection not working

    I have the same problem and it's January now. I'd really like this fixed