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  1. Also in regards to the file tile repository, I follow the instructions and fixed that, and to the other question I don't recall making any firewall rules so I'm not sure what made them.
  2. I had actually already ran kvrt before I made this post and it came back clean, so if you think it's probably safe I'll keep the net on and just be cautious for now Thank you for the advice and help.
  3. Ok I've updated the applications you listed with the exception of java which I just removed for the time being. I'll keep my PC offline from the internet for the time being. And use my phone for now. Thank you very much for your help so far. I look forward to **hopefully** seeing that I overreacted lol.
  4. Scanned with ESET and used the Other Scanner tool. ESET Finished and found 4 items. 2 of which were an Old Visual Studio Project of mine probably some keylogging tutorial on youtube I followed along with when I was a kid. It's on my Old PC folder so it's backed up from there. Defently isn't causing any harm on my pc, and also isn't active. The other two items were Installers found in my downloads folder. Called spsetup132.exe Which I think is Speedfan installer? According to ESET came with a google tool bar bundle. So all in all I don't believe anything seri
  5. All 5 of the most recent IP blocked have been attached below: ProLog.txt ProLog2.txt ProLog3.txt ProLog4.txt ProLog5.txt
  6. The malwarebytes scan came up clean. The adAware scan came up with Honey *the browser extension* as a PUP. And the logs requested are attached below. PS: I should note I have 4 Hard Drives, and I don't know if threat scan, goes beyond your main drive unless you do a custom scan. ScanReport.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. So recently every few days or so. I get 2-3 Outbound port 137 IP blocks. Usually from some Indian IP. My initial assumption with this being an outbound connection, would mean I have malware on my pc calling home. Some people told me this isn't necessary the case, but to be sure I wanted to get another opinion. Attached are some related images from Malwarebytes. The second issue is that they are Saying "File: System" which makes me think it's my system calling home? So 100% an infection. I don't know much about networking though so I could be incorrect in my way of thinkin
  8. It's used for reading process monitor logs, for further analysis of files. To my understanding this has always been the official site. (owned by cert(dot)at) If I'm some how incorrect I apologize in advance.
  9. Well this is going to sound dumb so I'll start off with the first things I'd like to say. I'm posting this here because even tho I have left the mbam forums for a long time I've always found it's community to be far more nice and helpful then reddit and other communities and tbh I find reddit annoying as a medium. So I'm glad to be able to post it somewhere like this (I also own a copy of Malwarebytes Premium :P). Anyways I was just doing my daily stuff today. I had updated firefox (last night?) and what not. I will not lie. And I will admit. I have no yet updated windows for
  10. I have the same problem and it's January now. I'd really like this fixed
  11. I might just upgrade it to windows 10, if you don't think that would case more issues.
  12. Thank you very much. Hope your felling better. Also when this event happened I did shut off my Pc incorrectly because I kind of paniced. So I'm not sure if that means that the error log wouldn't have been saved? The event happened on October 3rd I believe. I haven't had it happen again since. But from time to time (before the event) I have had my screen go all wacky to where you can't see everything and it looks like video card or monitor failure. Everythings goes with lines through it etc. Hard to explain but I'm sure you know what I mean, which is why I think it could be my video card.
  13. Sorry attached file now if ir still matters, maybe just a look can tell you if it's actually an error windows has, also this site is extremely hard to navigate on mobile but I'll give that thread a look like you said sorry if I posted this in the wrong area
  14. So today i today i was relaxing and watching videos on YouTube when all of a sudden a horrifying error pops up on my screen. Let me preferaise this with the fact i havent had a virus in over maybe 10years, which doesn't mean i don't now but still im just saying i am ultra careful and pretty much don't go to any unofficial sites or download things. Malwarebytes Pro is always on and i have several link scanners (web of trust, site advisor etc). When i do go anywhere it's on my phone or on a virtual machine in vmware with security protection on it too as well as all file sharing disabled.
  15. Yep it is fixed now. Thank you.
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