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  1. I have the same problem and it's January now. I'd really like this fixed
  2. I might just upgrade it to windows 10, if you don't think that would case more issues.
  3. Thank you very much. Hope your felling better. Also when this event happened I did shut off my Pc incorrectly because I kind of paniced. So I'm not sure if that means that the error log wouldn't have been saved? The event happened on October 3rd I believe. I haven't had it happen again since. But from time to time (before the event) I have had my screen go all wacky to where you can't see everything and it looks like video card or monitor failure. Everythings goes with lines through it etc. Hard to explain but I'm sure you know what I mean, which is why I think it could be my video card. Also I don't know if I mentioned. I do have a failing harddrive with sectors that get corrupted over and over. It however, isn't my boot drive. So I dunno if that is an issue. EDIT: I found the area it failed at in the event log (other errors around it such as the failing hard drive but yah). "A critical system process, C:\Windows\system32\lsm.exe, failed with status code 255. The machine must now be restarted." October 3rd 2015.rar
  4. Sorry attached file now if ir still matters, maybe just a look can tell you if it's actually an error windows has, also this site is extremely hard to navigate on mobile but I'll give that thread a look like you said sorry if I posted this in the wrong area
  5. So today i today i was relaxing and watching videos on YouTube when all of a sudden a horrifying error pops up on my screen. Let me preferaise this with the fact i havent had a virus in over maybe 10years, which doesn't mean i don't now but still im just saying i am ultra careful and pretty much don't go to any unofficial sites or download things. Malwarebytes Pro is always on and i have several link scanners (web of trust, site advisor etc). When i do go anywhere it's on my phone or on a virtual machine in vmware with security protection on it too as well as all file sharing disabled. Anyways here is the message attached to this post. I am currently on my phone as im to afraid to touch my own pc. I use to fix other peoples pcs with virus issues no problem but when it's my own i get very phobic lol thanks for your help in advance Edit: forgot to mention i have a failing hard drive and i think my gpu or some other component is also failing so i do believe i have hardware issues on top of this if it isn't related maybe it is error doesn't sound real hope it is. Also my boot drive isn't failing its an ssd but most of my stuff is installed on the failing drive