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  1. Hello, I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Do you have a device with SIM card or no SIM card? We have identified this issue across android devices that do not have SIM card ( Wifi Only). We are currently investigating this issue and that should be fixed on the next release Thanks,
  2. Hello, Please follow the following steps to install our apk. (1) Connect your tablet via USB to your computer and enable mass storage or mount the SD card to the computer like you usually do. copy the .apk file into your tablet . It doesn't matter where you put it as long as you remember the location. (2) Safely eject your tablet and disconnect it from the computer. (3) Before you can actually install the APK file, you’ll need to tell your device that it can install any apps outside of the Play Store without throwing a fit. You can find this switch in your Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources. Once this is enabled. you are clear to download this apk (4) Locate the APK file, and open it. The Android OS should take over, identifying that the APK file is an app, and ask you whether you’d like to go ahead and install it, all permissions accounted for Hope that is clear. Thanks
  3. We are investigating this issue right now. Please download and install our previous version ([Please see the attached apk] of our mobile security app for devices that shows incompatibility with our latest version
  4. Hello, 1.05.9000 is our latest production version. There is no beta version at this point. Our previous beta version moved into production version last week and it is live in google play and amazon store. Thanks
  5. Jim, Thank you for your inquiry. Window phone adaption in consumer market has seen a very anemic growth rate comparing to android and the rest of smart phone devices. Unless we see a real pick up of window phone devices in consumer market we do not have any plan on supporting window phones. Thanks
  6. Hello, MBAM Mobile does not support rooted android devices and we do not recommend rooting your device since it leave you open to all sorts of malware and malware can breach your mobile security. Even though we have not tested the functionality of our app on rooted devices the behviour of our app should be the same. 1. Scan everything as always 2. it does not delete file system 3. detecting spy phones ... Thanks
  7. Dear David, I apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and I appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve our customer experience. I will try my best to answer all your questions you may have had: a) [There are no logs for: 1) app execution, 2) file downloads (pdf etc.) ] Currently the execution scan feature automatically scans files upon launch of an application. If no malware is detected, the execution scan feature does not logs the scan results and does not notify the user. We have corrected this mistake in our user guide and will update and post it shortly If, on the other hand, malware is found, the execution scan log the result and displays a warning message to the user with an option to either delete the file or ignore the warning. Currently we do not scan 'PDFs" , "doc" and that is why we do not show their log on history. In the current mobile space these files are not harming your phone and and it is not necessary at this point to increase our scan time to scan files that are not really threats. The only files that we are scanning at this point are ".dex", ".odex", ".so", ".bin", ".jar" since we have seen major threats initiated by these files. b)[In operation manual,sec 5.2.2 ,says that real time protection needs to be enabled for all but #1 to work. YET...... In sec 5.2.4 it says that enabling real time protection DISABLES several notification features in 5.2.2 So which is it,and why does the history log not show other scans in background?] ​I apologize for the confusion. You are absolutely right and we have removed " In addition, enabling Real-Time Protection disables several features on the Notifications screen (see Section 5.2.2 for further information)" from our user guide since it was an error on our side and I appreciate the time you took to read and bring this up. c) conflict with Avast Mobile world is different than PC world. Due to limitation on CPU and battery on your android smart phone we do not recommend to run more than one mobile security app since it would hog up resources and chew up battery. Running two mobile security app or more on android is counter-productive as clashes may to occur and there is really no need to run multiple av security apps on your android device. Our detection rate is as good as or even higher than our competitors. Hope that answer all your questions and please do not hesitate to reach me for any questions or concerns. I just want to let you know that We have completed our new beta tester community page for our Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile beta users. You can download and install our latest beta app , report any bug as well as share any new features and thoughts: http://mwb.to/MobileBetaTester Thanks,
  8. Evahh, These Trojans will send SMS to premium numbers to charge fees or sign users up for premium services. Often the send takes place without the users knowledge or there is some kind of “terms” associated with usage of the app. They are typically of Chinese origin. Thanks
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