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  1. No, no alerts, nothing. I simply could not access the scanner and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro gave an alert saying no scanner recognised. Also, in devices and printers, the printer and fax were listed, but no scanner. I followed numerous internet suggestions, including Brother support, as well as several uninstalls/installs of the Brother software, but nothing solved the problem until I deleted the Anti-Exploit.

  2. Grrr! I've spent the last six or so hours today trying to work out why Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro won't recognise my Brother MFC-5460CN scanner. I've been reinstalling software and searching far and wide for solutions, and it was purely by happenstance that I remembered that Anti-Exploit 'protected' Adobe Acrobat. When I uninstalled the program, bingo!, the scanner suddenly appeared. I cannot remember when I last scanned a document, so whether it was the current beta or the previous one that disabled/blocked the scanner ability, I don't know, but please have a look at this.

  3. I didn't realise that this was a feature of Bitdefender and thought it was an extra level of security if something was missing. I have auto updates enabled (warn before installing), so there shouldn't have been any omissions and I thought it just caught a new update that had just come through. I would have been OK with Bitdefender if the restart had brought it back on line, but my only option to fix what was broken was to contact the Bitdefender support line, and who knows how long that would have taken. I was pretty frustrated that something like this would have brought the software to its knees so soon, which prompted me to just uninstall and stick with MSE for the time being. I'm following the recommendations of the Malwarebytes security thread and to date haven't had one issue with malware.

  4. I found it quite strange that Bitdefender failed in such a way, effectively leaving my PC without anti-virus protection. Nor was there any real warning, except that the Bitdefender icon on the taskbar was sort of greyed out (something that could be easily missed). I'm using Windows 7, so there really should be no issues with it working, nor do I understand what the important Windows update was all about. Thankfully, it was a free download.

  5. That was a bust! Bitdefender alerted me to a Windows update (I can't now remember what it was), which I approved and the update proceeded (in the Bitdefender dialogue box) and on completion required a restart. Once restarted, Bitdefender didn't work, saying services couldn't be started, restart or contact support. I restarted twice with the same result and then did a system restore and went back to MSE. Once restored, I checked for Windows updates and nothing like what Bitdefender noted as an update appeared.


    Bitdefender crashed less than three hours after installation! Big thumbs down for Bitdefender.

  6. Well, talk about coincidence. I was just checking my bank account online and they have an offer for one year's free subscription for Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. So I've downloaded it and will see how it goes while waiting to see if anything arises with MSE down the track. The installation of Bitdefender showed that there were no existing issues on my PC, so all that I can assume is that MSE has been doing its job.

  7. New poster here, but a long term user of Malwarebytes pro (and site reader), as well as MSE user (with no issues); however, there appears to be some worrying news about MSE, if this article is in any way accurate: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/384394/microsoft-security-essentials-is-designed-to-be-bottom-of-the-antivirus-rankings. I've been doing some searching, but haven't had any real success in finding whether the article is completely true or somehow taken out of context. I did find some commentary that Microsoft is not interested in competing with AV providers in AV test rankings, reflecting some of the comments in the article, so it's all a bit confusing. If it's true, then it makes me wonder whether I should start to look at an AV purchase and then which one. Has anyone else heard anything more about what might be happening to MSE?

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