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  1. Similar to these ? I have created a 1series of videos generated from these kinds of fraud sites for the purposes of recognition and education. They are all videos from real web sites. ALL are FRAUDS. All these have one thing in common and they have nothing to do with any software on your PC. They are all nefarious web sites meant to defraud you of money. The objective is to, falsely, goad you to make the phone call and pay for some service contract for an incident that never happened or buy some software. In the case of Tech Support scammers, they may continue to charge your Credit Card for other services, remote into your computer and do real damage and/or exfiltrate your personal data and they may use the information they obtain from you to commit additional frauds. MalwareScam.wmv MalwareScam-1.wmv MalwareScam-2.wmv MalwareScam-3.wmv MalwareScam-4.wmv MalwareScam-5.wmv MalwareScam-6.wmv I have also created a PDF ScreenShow of a myriad of FakeAlert screens - FakeAlert-Screens.pdf / Flash Version They are all a kind of malicious advertisement ( aka; malvertisement ). Using Task Manager and Killing the; Edge, IExplorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc, processes is very effective once you are affected by these FakeAlerts. Right now, to block it means Malwarebytes needs to know the URL to block. If you can provide the URL it can be added to the list for Malwarebytes sites to block. Submissions of suspect and malicious URLs can be performed in; Newest IP or URL Threats after reading; READ ME: Purpose of this forum Malwarebytes has created new Browser Add-Ons called Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome and Firefox to mitigate FakeAlerts and other frauds. Browser Add-On references: Malwarebytes Browser Guard Malwarebytes Browser Guard Extension for Chrome Malwarebytes Browser Guard Extension for Firefox Reference: US FBI PSA - Tech Support Fraud US FTC Consumer Information - Tech Support Scams US FTC - Tech Support Operators Agree to Settle Charges by FTC and the State of Ohio US FTC - FTC and Federal, State and International Partners Announce Major Crackdown on Tech Support Scams Malwarebytes' Blog - Search on - "tech support scams" Malwarebytes' Blog - "Tech support scams: help and resource page" 1. Also located at "My Online Security" - Some videos of typical tech support scams
  2. The last I saw it was a couple of weeks ago. I'll pay attention to see if it is still current.
  3. @BenABT: Please reference; Malicious Document posted in Malware removal section I'll PING @AdvancedSetup to assist you with this thread.
  4. We'll see if @exile360 can give you some assistance on that.
  5. MBAM for WinXP - https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_legacy Malwarebytes support for legacy Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems
  6. A VPN is the way to go. It creates a virtual tunnel between your PC and the VPN Provider's network. You connect to the Hilton Hotel's network and then initiate the VPN. Subsequently all your traffic will be routed through and tunneled within the VPN connection and will emanate from the VPN Provider's network out to the Internet Web sites will see the VPN Internet Address ( IP Address ) not the Hotel's IP address. The Hotel personnel and other guests can not snoop on your activities. Assuming they tried, they would just see that you have a encrypted tunnel to the VPN Provider.
  7. MBAM's anti-exploit module will block the execution of HTML applications.
  8. Since there is no Font function in the Toolbar, the Font BBCode was all that was left. If Invision will no longer support the Font BBCode, then please add a Font Function to the Editor Toolbar. Xiexie ni Alex.
  9. The Forum used to recognize BBCodes for various Fonts. Now NONE are recognized and Forum Updates are no longer even posted. [font=courier] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=arial] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=arial black] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=impact] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=verdana] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=times new roman] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=georgia] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=andale mono] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=trebuchet ms] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=comic sans ms] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=courier] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=arial] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=arial black] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=impact] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=verdana] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=times new roman] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=georgia] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=andale mono] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=trebuchet ms] The Quick Brown Fox [/font] [font=comic sans ms] The Quick Brown Fox [/font]
  10. Yes. One can expect a relatively long time delay between a breach event and the use of the data that had been harvested.
  11. It's legitimate. I have Opted-In for the settlement. RE: Yahoo! Data Breach Settlement - Yahoo account 2012 through 2016
  12. @Tetsuki Did you get a chance to check your email address(s) at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see what sites they were associated with a breach event ?
  13. This is purely a scam and they send those emails out en masse hoping one or two bite at the bait. Just delete the email and then change your email password to a new Strong Password just to make sure. Additionally, you can enter your email address(es) in the following site and it will check to see if that email address was part of a known breach. This is most likely how they obtained the password and used it in the email to lend credulity to the scam. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Please reference: ----------------- US FBI PSA - Extortionists Increasingly Using Recipients' Personal Information To Intimidate Victims US FTC Consumer Information - How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam MyOnlinesecurity - attempted-blackmail-scam-watching-porn BleepingComputer - Beware of Extortion Scams Stating They Have Video of You on Adult Sites Malwarebytes' Blog - Sextortion emails: They’re probably not watching you Malwarebytes Forum sample thread - Got strange threating email. Malwarebytes Forum FYI thread - FYI: Email Blackmail Scam still current
  14. Is is a justified detection... https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2268e0f59b605ff74656c553658e5c17b3e046370f6ca3032764caaacb582934/detection Download FileZilla here at; https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?show_all=1 to download non-sponsored installers that do NOT include Adware.
  15. The above indicates " You need to sign in to see this page. " Please directly attach and not use 3rd party sites.
  16. @cdu4 This thread is over four years old. You need to take that up with Trend Micro.
  17. @Phuc There are Malwarebytes staff that perform this. If one feels that a Web site is falsely blocked in the Malwarebytes Anti Malware product, each and all URLs should be submitted in; Website Blocking after reading; Please read before posting a FP If one feels that a Web site is falsely blocked by the Malwarebytes Browser Guard plug-in then they should be submitted there in the respective Browser related sub-forum under; Malwarebytes Browser Guard
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