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  1. You posted a Virus Total URL with one detection in ~6 weeks on a Microsoft digitally signed binary indicating it is a False Positive.
  2. No. Leave it alone. The objective is to not get infected. That will prevent the malicious use of the Command Interpreter.
  3. Y2K, the non-event, was 20 years ago !
  4. This looks like a False Positive by Antiy-AVL. First Submission 2019-11-12 If it was malware, in the time that has transpired, the detection rate would be much higher. This is bolstered by the fact it is a Microsoft digitally signed file.
  5. Really good music transcends all languages @MAM Example: PS:
  6. Malwarebytes software for MS Windows does not target nor detect Apple MAC or Android malware. Malwarebytes software for MAC OS does not target nor detect Windows or Android malware. Malwarebytes software for Android devices does not target nor detect Windows or Apple MAC malware. The Malwarebytes' Engine and Signatures on Virus Total only target MS Windows malware and is a subset of what MBAM for Windows will detect on a PC.
  7. Windows Malware and/or suspected Windows Malware are submitted in; Newest Malware Threats after reading; Malware Hunters group Purpose of this forum
  8. https://www.wawa.com/alerts/data-security "An Open Letter from Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens to Our Customers December 19, 2019 NOTICE OF DATA BREACH Dear Wawa Customers, At Wawa, the people who come through our doors every day are not just customers, you are our friends and neighbors, and nothing is more important than honoring and protecting your trust. Today, I am very sorry to share with you that Wawa has experienced a data security incident. Our information security team discovered malware on Wawa payment processing servers on December 10, 2019, and contained it by De
  9. A little too slow and needs a tabla to get a beat going. I believe the Sitar is the most complex of all string instruments.
  10. I did as well. I just loved the Dance scene to David Bowie's music and the joust scene with the music of Queen's We Will Rock You. I don't think the two tales compare. Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves set the gold standard. RIP Heath Ledger and Alan Rickman .
  11. Me thinks thou gentleman plays too kind with his words.
  12. I've been enjoying Michael Winslow since Cheech and Chong !
  13. Robin Hood with Jamie Fox, 2018 What a piece of crap ! The costumes are more modern that 15th century. The dialogue sucked as they spoke using modern styling with modern linguistic pros, just with most actors using a British accent and dialect, there were even American style dialects. "He had it coming" she said... Are you kidding me ? That's not 15th century linguistics. A modern glass bottle ? Really ???? I saw a character with modern glasses. Are you kidding me ? Glasses with milled metal and machined micro-screws in the hinges. Optics were in their inf
  14. Malwarebytes is for physical disk files that can be used to do all sorts of malicious and/or nefarious acts. As in MALicious softWARE or malware. The email is a confidence game or simply a "con". The email is an example of Social Engineering which is the Human Exploit. It is exploiting a fear of infection or private data release or embarrassing content and is attempting to exploit human vulnerabilities to gain a monetary ( BitCoin ) gain with out having to extended much energy and at a relatively low cost.
  15. That's not ransomware. That's Blackmail. This is purely a scam and they send those emails out en masse hoping one or two bite at the bait. Just delete the email and then change your email password to a new Strong Password just to make sure. Additionally, you can enter your email address(es) in the following site and it will check to see if that email address was part of a known breach. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Please reference: ----------------- US FBI PSA - Extortionists Increasingly Using Recipients' Personal Information To Intimidate Victims US FTC Consu
  16. MBAM is a desktop anti malware solution and is not designed for a web server ( HTTP/HTTPS ) on a hosting service such as BlueHost.
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