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  1. NO! Viruses are a specific type of malware that self replicates. Or, in other words, is able to autonomously spread. This is a trojan. As noted in the detection name JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] - Trj stands for trojan. Viruses and trojans are a sub-type of malware like Ford and Subaru are sub-types of automobiles.
  2. Yes, Gibes as in a "mocking taunt" being a suspected malicious script file from a web browsing session indicative of a web site script and coincides with it being found in a Firefox cache. Malwarebytes is not an anti virus application. It is an anti malware application as it is incapable of handling file infecting viruses. Malwarebytes happily coexists with AVG. Albeit, there may be some slight tweaks to make them even more cohabitable.
  3. Virus Total indicates that this is a GZip'd file which gibes with it being a web site artifact script.
  4. Go to; https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload Follow directions. Please post the URL of the final report provided. NOTE: If AVG deleted/quarantined the file then you won't be able to submit the file to Virus Total.
  5. No. I am stating that Malwarebytes will not use signature based detection on scripted malware. Thus MBAM will not "detect" scripted malware. I am stating that Malwarebytes' anti exploit module will block a script's malicious actions. I can't tell you if it is a False Positive nor if it is warranted to change passwords solely on the basis that AVG detected the "trojan" JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] ( it is not a virus as you stated ). If you had MBAM installed, it would have blocked malicious activity if the script was attempted to be executed. If you want to to see if the file AVG detected as JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] is a False Positive or not, submit the file to Virus Total.
  6. MBAM does no target malicious script files by signatures. If a script is malicious, the anti-exploitation module will kick-in and block the malicious activity.
  7. One would think they learned their lesson. I was in an earlier Adobe Breach event.
  8. Adware and PUPs ( Potentially Unwanted Programs ) do not equate to a "virus". It is a common misconception that the term "virus" is an all encompassing terminilogy for malicious software. It isn't. The over arching concept of Malicious Software is "malware". All viruses are malware but not all malware are viruses and there is a taxonomy to malware like there is in the animal or plant kingdoms. viruses and trojans are a type of malware like Fords and Chryslers are a type of automobile. Viruses are a specific type of malware that spreads autonomously or in other words can spread all on its own. FileZilla is free software and to gain revenue it bundles software and thus may be bundled with adware. If you choose you will download FileZilla installers bundled with other crap. If you read just below it it clearly states... "This installer may include bundled offers " Instead, go to; Show additional download options where you will find the non-bundled installers of FileZilla.
  9. I would trust IBM's opinion over that of Alphabet. Especially based upon IBM's experience in the Deep Blue exercise.
  10. If that is true, Fluid Dynamics analysis will be greatly enhanced.
  11. What - The Triple Lindy of Atlantic City ?
  12. Best of all you can export XML settings and import the settings. Thus once you have a default you like, you can export those settings from one PC and import them to another and have a standard configuration. I keep XML configuration settings for; Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. PS: I have requested the Classic/Open Shell discussion within this thread be split-off into its own discussion to be in General Chat.
  13. Movie: Knowing starring Nicolas Cage. The airplane crash scene is one of the BEST disaster scenes I have ever seen !
  14. If there is malware on an Android device, you can seek malware removal assistance in; Mobile Malware Removal Help & Support
  15. It means that one can not use the description "adware virus" as it is a false statement based upon malware taxonomy.
  16. Malware is the overarching concept of malicious software. Like there is a taxonomy in the animal and plant kingdoms, there is a taxonomy to malware. The basic sub-types of malware are; viruses, trojans and exploit code. Calling a piece of malware an "adware virus" is akin to calling a Ford F150 and "Ford Dodge". Both are sub-types of automobiles but are different manufacturers. Adware and viruses are different sub-types of malware. Adware is a sub-type of trojans just like a F150 truck is manufactured by Ford.
  17. I find it disturbing that a compromise on the VPN sub-system could lead back to their network where they think their product software, such as CCleaner, could become compromised.
  18. Go to; https://forums.malwarebytes.com/attachments/ And delete from there.
  19. Classic Shell or its successor Open Shell ( builds on Classic Shell as that ended ), I use Open Shell on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and on Windows 10. It gives each OS one standard User Interface.
  20. Malwarebytes Browser Guard v2.x requires a minimum of Firefox v57. Since Firefox v57 won't run on XP or Vista, Malwarebytes Browser Guard v2.x is not XP or Vista compliant. EDIT: https://support.mozilla.org/dsb/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.9.0esr/
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