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  1. I'm sorry, you have misinterpreted what has transpired. I did not ban you. If you were presently banned, you would not be here. Based upon your initial post, I brought your post to the attention of the Forum Administrator .. Who is not just the Forum Administrator but is also a Malwarebytes' Employee. He has the ability to deal with such issues and he has not been online during this time frame. Please have patience for him to look into your issue.
  2. I have been in deep cogitation over this all night. Just because of the Human manifestation of pareidolia, I don't want you to give up on the belief of having a Guardian Angel. There are two kinds of Angels that I know of. The first kind walk among us. They are those who run towards danger whilst the vast majority of people are running away from it. They are the people who are confronted with a complex situation that is forked with an easy and not so righteous solution and the other more difficult path that is righteous. They take the difficult path even though it is hard but bec
  3. Thank you @brad03 but I definitely am not. The sentiments are appreciated though.
  4. Explanation: Humans are hard wired to recognize faces and thus Humans have the tendency to see faces in all sorts of inanimate objects. pareidolia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia
  5. Does your "About Me" mean you still use a CRT Monitor ?


  6. Malwarebytes Hueristics detection; Malware.Heuristic.1001 WMVSDECD.zip
  7. If you do not open data files from email you are not expecting, you are safe. If someone sends you email with an attachment or a link to a document and you do not know them, delete the email. If someone sends you email with an attachment or a link to a document and you do know them and were not expecting a document or a link to a document, do NOT open the document. Send them an email asking if they sent the email, why and what's in the document. As a cautionary rule... Always corroborate information before you act. Don't just act upon it.
  8. Achy fakey heart By: Jim Kreidler,Consumer Education Specialist, FTC "You’ve heard of romance scams. But do you know how they happen? They start when scammers create fake profiles on dating apps or social media. Then, those scammers strike up a relationship with their targets and work to build trust. Sometime later, they make up a story and ask for money. So how do you spot a romance scammer? Here are some things to watch for: Any love interest who asks you to give them money on a gift card, by money transfer, or cryptocurrency is a scammer. Peri
  9. These are classed as malicious advertisements or malvertisements. They can be on specific web sites or are generated as a Push Notification If you are on an Apple iPhone or MAC, you will see a malvertisement geared for Apple. It could be an Apple FakeAlert or a Safari software update. The malvertiser may use your IP address and push some content associated with your ISP such as a fake survey of that ISP's service. If you are on a Windows PC it may use the User-Agent to push a fake Firefox update or a Microsoft FakeAlert. Web sites want revenue. They may contract to a legitimate
  10. Thank you. This is not a case of Phishing. It is a variation of a Tech Support scam in the name of Malwarebytes. Numerous forum members have posted about this scam. Please Reference: have received 3 scam emails about Malwarebytes account chargesFake Receipt?Your subscription for “Malware bytes Security” has been renewed.Phishing scam using malwarebytes subscription (cares@usorderreceipt02.co) Phishing is a process masquerading as a known entity where a web site, a PDF or other document uses content that emulates that entity and tries to get the victim to provide login creden
  11. You have falsely equated a MS Windows executable file to malware and then equated it to an Apple MAC. @alvarnell may be best able to assist you.
  12. CSRSS.exe is the name of a MS Windows PC Portable Executable (PE) file name.
  13. The etc/hosts file is about name to IP address resolution. Not about blocking ingress or egress. What you show in your graphic is not a correct way to use the etc/hosts table. To block an IP you would use the Windows Firewall or block the IP on the LAN's Router. Using the Windows Firewall only affects that PC. If you want all devices and computers to have that IP blocked, place the block on the Router. Here is a proper example. It shows that the Domain and Sub-Domains on the right are ASSIGNED an address and is telling the OS not to use DNS for resolution. In the below exmp
  14. Sites that push nefarious Browser Add-Ons or Plug-Ins are not "ads", they are malvertisements.
  15. I went to that web site and tried to "play" a video in Firefox and Edge. The site wanted me to install a Plug-In to play that video in Firefox and in Edge it gave me a web site that wanted me to install a plug-in to "free memory". I would not consider soap2day.to to be a legitimate site and was created in December 2019 so it just a tad over a year old.
  16. @william12345 No. A virus is a executable file or code that is prepended, appended or cavity injected into a legitimate file and is able to self replicate. Once infected, that infected file can further the infection by infecting other legitimate files. Or the infection can spread from computer to computer. Such code or executable self replicates. That is it is able to spread on its own and without assistance. On the other hand, trojans need assistance to spread. There are trojans that also prepends, appends or cavity injects malicious code into a legitimate file. However, the acti
  17. This may be a False Positive but you didn't post in the area that handles False Positives. I have requested your thread be moved to; File Detections where file based False Positives are handled.
  18. In the email, did it provide a phone number as well as an amount due ?
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