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  1. If you are referring to the event associated with -WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? That was a case of a malvertisement intermingled with advertisements and is not a case of "hijacking".
  2. There are False Positives on some VLC player download mirrors. For all who read this, please make sure you go through VideoLAN for any/all updates through them because there are sites that host bad versions of VLC Player because it is Open Source. https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
  3. When I choose the download from VideoLAN the download emanates from the Oregon State University Open Source Lab... https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/videolan/vlc/3.0.4/win32/vlc-3.0.4-win32.exe
  4. I totally agree. VLC Player is great for playback and to record. However you should ALWAYS get VLC Player from the source which is VideoLAN https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
  5. It should be strongly noted that Stuxnet was NOT in the Public and was not targeting the public. This malware was designed for a specific purpose with a specific set of targets. It was not designed by average coders or what are known as Script-Kiddies. It was programmed by professionals with a goal in mind. When thinking about Stuxnet evasion, one must put that is the perspective of its limited application, limited availability and exposure thus making it just a little more than a needle in the haystack. Such malware is meant for a High Value Target and not for the general pub
  6. The Basic Input/Output System ( BIOS ) is the lowest level of operation you can go. If you are unsuccessful in running the BIOS setup then there is a hardware problem. Since you stated "... going into the BIOS (F12 for me) or the Boot Setup menu (F2) it will quickly flash open, then the laptop will restart and once again start looping " then it is not a malware issue rather a hardware issue. Having issues at this level makes what OS is installed, and runs on the notebook and any associated problems under that OS, a moot point First to look at, make sure the cooling fins and the note
  7. I would NEVER buy Walgreen's Paper. I only buy Epson Photo Paper for an Epson. This is because the ink parameters ( viscosity, permeability/absorption, wetting, surface tension, etc ) are matched. The same would go for HP Photo paper for a HP Printer and Canon Photo Paper for Canon printer and likewise for other brands. I have managed hundreds of printers from; dot matrix, dye sublimation, wax transfer, ink jet, bubble jet, band, thermal and laser and that covers many brands from robotic CD/DVD Printer/Writers to POS to 5' HP DesignJet with rolled Photo paper to large scale HP Pen Plotte
  8. Yes. Malwarebytes may be on the Left Coast but... we are on the Right Coast.
  9. LOL - That's putting a positive spin on it.
  10. Not only do they accelerate the credits, Commercial TV has found that they can increase the speed of playback by 10% without the viewer noticing a difference. That 10% increase in program speed means they now have more time for the intermingled commercials.
  11. I like The pay-for Movie Channels ( no streaming ) and do it over FiOS. However What I do NOT like is when they are showing the credits, at the end of a given movie, and you want to read them to see who the actors were, etc. I think it is Starz Channels where they put the credits in a picture within a picture and you can no longer read the credits ( it is now too small ) and you have commercials for Starz programming in the larger picture. To me that is as annoying as Broadcast TV where you have both censorship and intermingled commercials. To me, that's bloody annoying stepping on the cr
  12. It is chock full of advertisements. A malvertisement can easily be "slipped in" amongst them.
  13. If you can find the URL in your Browser's history, we can submit it so MBAM can block the site.
  14. Similar to these ? I have created a 1series of videos generated from these kinds of fraud sites for the purposes of recognition and education. They are all videos from real web sites. ALL are FRAUDS. All these have one thing in common and they have nothing to do with any software on your PC. They are all nefarious web sites meant to defraud you of money. The objective is to, falsely, goad you to make the phone call and pay for some service contract for an incident that never happened. From there they may continue to charge your Credit Card for other services, remote into your co
  15. Yes. You'll see that they are in French, German, Spanish and Japanese as well as they impersonate the US FBI/DoJ and the Police of Russia and Poland.
  16. It is not malware that needs removal. They are malicious web sites that present false information. They are alerting you to a false event and are thus called FakeAlerts. And since they are web sites using HTML they are called HTML.FakeAlerts. Since they are web sites they have nothing to do with any software on your PC and thus there is nothing to remove from your PC. Therefore there is nothing for MBAM to "detect". However, if the IP and/or URL of the malicious sites is known then MBAM can block access to these sites. I was able to extract one of these sites ( and a few known URL
  17. You need to be MORE specific. cloudfront.net is a Domain, it is not malware. Albeit, there are malicious web sites that are hosted on cloudfront.net For example. The following is a Microsoft based HTML.FakeAlert hosted on cloudfront.net . https://dbnfed107rqoy.cloudfront.net/index.html
  18. Email addresses can be forged and emails can be sent from a legitimate but compromised account. Malicious URLs ( not just the Domain name ) can be submitted in; Newest IP or URL Threats after reading; READ ME: Purpose of this forum
  19. If you get get into the Dell Inspiron 560 BIOS with no video detriment, Yes. I would say you do have a video issue which is exercised under a higher resolution mode under Windows. If you are using the embedded Video, get a PCIe x16 video card. NOTE: It is also an older Dual Core CPU based system so maybe... It is time for a new PC ?
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