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  1. So you now understand what the following does ? int marks[20];
  2. RE: FEMA - IPAWS National Test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS) "The National EAS and WEA test will be held on the backup date of October 3, 2018, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS) on the backup date of October 3, 2018 due to ongoing response efforts to Hurricane Florence. The WEA portion of the test commences at 2:18 p.m. EDT, and the
  3. 1. It might have been a link to the file and not the actual file. 2. Doubtful 3. Doubtful 4. Yes.
  4. Computer code comes in two forms; Compiled and Interpreted. This "code" is a Computer Language. Just like there are different Human Languages that we all mentally interpret, computers have different languages such as; Java, JavaScript, BASIC, Pascal, C++, KiXtart, Machine Code, OS Command Interpreters ( BAT and CMD ), 4DOS, etc. Compiled code generates an Executable file as demonstrated in the 2cnd graphic is Post #2. It shows a Compiled code for Microsoft Windows. The two graphics are captured from a utility that allows one to see the actual contents of computer files. A Script
  5. It is still accurate. MBAM doesn't target non-executable binaries via signatures. Graphic files do not "infect". At most a graphic file may be designed to exploit a flaw in a graphic rendering module. There has to a process involved that uses the graphic file exploit to take advantage of the act. On a similar theme, a graphic file may be modified through steganography. Even this altered version can not infect. It would need an ancillary script or executable to extract what may have been embedded through a steganographic process.
  6. Not if I am answering your homework. I want YOU to understand the script, not just be told what each line performs.
  7. What don't you understand in this script?
  8. Do you mean "Epson Scanner' as in an Epson Printer+Scanner+Copier ? If YES then it is not associated with this Software Certificate issue and one is not needed nor used in the process. If you can Export the certificate, place it in a ZIP file and attache it I'll take a look at the certificate. If not, it is no big deal. It was purely an informative message and not a message of an actual problem.
  9. Yes. I don't know what that Certificate is. Who/What is FWF60E4Q16015342 ? What is the Certification Path and what are the details ? Seeing that is valid from 2016 --> 2038 is it a self signed certificate for the PC for some encryption purpose ? It is basically indicating that the certificate for some site can't be determined. It look like a self signed certificate and there is no Certificate Authority to vouch for it. Such as generated by your PC. If you are concerned, don't allow it to proceed.
  10. Hi T-Ruth: As for #1. You can do that but, I think it is overboard and and overreaction. All I can suggest is THINK about what you process personally on your employer computer while on the company's time-clock. As for #2. There are both algorithms and settings for the lifespan of such data. Such data can also be deleted. When you THINK about what you process personally on your employer computer while on the company's time-clock such worries become a moot point. As for ... " Strangely, our "shared drive" doesn't actually have a drive letter. " Not having a ful
  11. RE: Got strange threating email. I don't know if the actor who sent the email is the original "hacker' but it is more likely that a hacker obtained your credentials and then sold it at some place that trades, sells or barters such content. It's a scam and many have received such emails in hope that some "mark' will respond and pay the fee. This is not indicative of an infected computer. In fact, the old password that was detailed could be the result of a Email Server breach or falling for a Phish. Neither are a result of malware on your PC. Deleting the email and performing
  12. That's a good thought Samuel - Dank je. Note that for a Scheduled Task to take a computer out of sleep to perform said task, the task must be specifically enabled to do so. Therefore that is what should be looked for under the Conditions tab. Another possibility is to check the Advanced Power Settings under the Power Options Control Panel applet under; Sleep --> Allow Wake Timers.
  13. Yes. The BIOS is a series of Basic Input/Output System routines. The BIOS is a set of software routines ( stored in ROM ) that sit in between any given Operating System and the hardware. Every computer goes through a Power On Self Test ( POST ) where the BIOS "tests" the system and sets parameters. The system owner/user is given a short opportunity to access this software during the POST process by hitting a Hot Key. This can be the "F2" or "Esc" key or other ( depending on the system ). At which point one can enter the BIOS software and make changes, correction or set parameters. The s
  14. I suggest you go into the system BIOS and disable any/all "Wake ON.." functions alongside the Wake Timer.
  15. Lock: If you have a question on "Web Protection", please start a new thread.
  16. I have not used it. I have used software to send a "Magic Packet" to a PC to release it from sleep under Wake on LAN. However I presume the removal and or insertion of a USB device may release it from sleep. In theory, a faulty USB device that is failing to Plug 'n Play correctly may play havoc with Wake on USB.
  17. The first thing to realize is that this is in no way a virus ! What you are seeing a a Web Page. It is not detected by Malwarebytes' software because these are merely web sites demonstrating Fraud. As a Web site that exist on the Internet, there is no software generating it on the PC in question for Malwarebytes' software to find. When we talk about these fraud Sites, we have to classify them as a Malicious Advertisement or in short as a "malvertisement". As such we need to look at the Browser and what pages are being loaded. Many websites include advertisements intermingled
  18. A Mapped Drive is a Drive Letter that is substituted for and simplifies the access of a point of data to be shared. For example; It is harder to "find" a network share than it is to just load Windows Explorer and Browse available drives. The concept of a UNC ( Uniform Naming Convention ) also allows disparate systems to share data. For example a Unix system can be setup to share data through a UNC. An Apple or Microsoft system can then access the data that the share represents. It is the Microsoft OS that provides the ability to assign a Drive Letter to that shared data point ma
  19. There are other things to take a PC out of sleep such as Wake on USB, Wake on LAN ( albeit you indicated you disabled the Ethernet controller ). These are "wake on Events" type settings in the BIOS.
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