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  1. A Google Search on; 8004859316 shows that number is associated with an established Tech Support Scammer/Spammer. I don't know why you are showing picture of text on paper and I don't understand the history of the software purchase and installation. It sounds like a version of Malwarebytes' software was repackaged with some remote access software. The best place to obtain Malwarebytes software is directly from Malwarebytes and a license or licenses from a reputable reseller. I suggest you have your PC checked out by a trained Malware Removal specialist. Please read this; I'm
  2. FBI Warns of Sextortion Attempts in Arizona
  3. Clipping Silver Sparrow’s wings: Outing macOS malware before it takes flight
  4. To be more specific, the Malwarebytes' anti malware Engine and Signatures are their own and not an OEM from another company.
  5. No problem. If you look at my referenced examples of this kind of Renewal Tech Support scam, many reporting it have also called it "Phishing".
  6. No, not really. That email address is only good if one finds a Web Site that is an Apple Phish or if if you if have a HTM or HTML email file attachment that, when rendered, becomes a Apple Phish and one discerns that it does a HTTP POST on harvested Apple related credentials. The email was not a Apple Phish. As I wrote this is a variation of a Tech Support scam. It wasn't even a scam in Apple's name as this was really in the name of Norton/LifeLock and Comcast/Xfinity. It's not a scam on Apple. and we don't want to clog a Phishing email address with something like the above.
  7. Thank you. This is not a case of Phishing. It is a variation of a Tech Support scam in the name of Norton™ LifeLock360 / Webroot® / Malwarebytes / McAfee® / Kaspersky . Numerous forum members have posted about this type of scam. Please Reference: have received 3 scam emails about Malwarebytes account charges Fake Receipt? Your subscription for “Malware bytes Security” has been renewed. Phishing scam using malwarebytes subscription (cares@usorderreceipt02.co) Phishing is a process masquerading as a known entity where a web site, a PDF or other document us
  8. New FTC Data Show Massive Increase in Romance Scams, $304M in Losses
  9. @CBrauer I have seen you come back and browse my reply. Do you have any questions ?
  10. To sum this up... To make a real determination upon any email, we would need to see the email in RAW Format. That is the email full header and body of the message in its raw, uninterpreted and non-rendered, state. How one retrieves that depends on the email client or web browser. For example in AOL Webmail you open the intended email choose; More ---> View Message Source Without examining the RAW Email contents, everything is all speculation. The following is an example of a redacted email's Full Header from a US House of Representative's email in RAW Format...
  11. It was like a hidden dialogue. A Ghost. You could see a window but it was white with no content and the scan did not occur. However, I can't remember if there was an actual error message. I had to kill that Ghost window or something like that and then "Open Malwarebytes" from the tray icon at which point I saw the 30 day security summary pop-up and what happened became apparent. Once that was closed I could perform the Right-Click context scan of the intended folder.
  12. @Anthonytess Did you recently restore the HP PC to factory shipped state ?
  13. Web sites exist on the 'net. The malvertiser was blocked and you were protected. Files get quarantined, not web sites.
  14. Do you have a Smart Phone ? Amazon Kindle ?
  15. Do you have a Android based Cell/Smart Phone ? Maybe the "Android Debug Bridge" ? https://www.androidauthority.com/about-android-debug-bridge-adb-21510/ EDIT: https://www.xspdf.com/resolution/59131356.html
  16. References: https://www.engadget.com/hackers-are-already-targeting-macs-with-apples-m-1-chip-170440569.html https://www.wired.com/story/apple-m1-malware/ @treed is on it ! EDIT: Attribution: @AdvancedSetup
  17. In regards to; The 30 day security summary pop-up interferes with a Right-Click context scan of a file or folder. MBAM generates errors while trying to conduct scan until the dialogue is cleared.
  18. You can try VLC Player from VideoLAN. Start VLC Player and then choose; Media --> choose "Convert / Save" Choose "Add" and add the MKV file that you want to save as MP4. Then click the Down Arrow icon next to the Convert / Save button and choose Convert. From the drop-down list of format Profiles choose MP4
  19. What file formats and why can't you author the video in the intended format ?
  20. I believe that when scanning an Archive file, MBAM will go only X layers deep and MBAM will not count files in the Archive and just display a scan of 1 file representing the Archive [ ZIP, RAR, 7zip, CAB and MSI ].
  21. The simple answer -- No. I'll compare it to having a bully in your neighbourhood. You write poetry, sonnets and stories in notebooks. That bully has gotten a hold of some of your writings. Replacing the notebooks with new ones won't mitigate the issue. You'd have to change your habits of how you store and move those notebooks around as well as any/all interactions with that bully. In your case understanding mitigating cyber threats and how you interact with technology is the key to your solution. It begins with understanding what is a computer "virus" is and how it compares and
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