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  1. OK, how about another cover of Cat Stevens ( aka; Yusuf Islam ) 1967 song.
  2. Please do NOT seek cryptovirology based or other forms of malware samples. They will not be provided. If you are a "Level 6 University student, studying Forensic Computing " then hopefully you are taking courses in Ethical Hacking, in the process of obtaining a CISSP. If that is the case, , you can FIND samples on your own.
  3. So to be clear... When the system was cold it booted into Windows and when it was warm to hot, it also booted into windows. Yes ?
  4. That wasn't the full test. The results you provided were for the 2cnd part of the test. The 1st part of the test was to see how it booted when the system was 'cold'. I need the results from both parts of the test.
  5. Please perform the test as prescribed.
  6. Maybe this... A lot of the OTC HP retail stuff is made very poorly. Part of the problem stems from a fear of 60/40 lead solder. Therefore new systems are using a different blend of a solder to electronically fasten circuitry onto boards. Unfortunately this can lead to a problem known as a cold solder joint. Which means the components are not properly electrically connected. Many metals expand when heated and contract when cooled. In electronic circuitry this can lead to a condition known as chip creep and in the case poorly manufactured RoHS compliant electronics, this can lead to poor conductivity related solder joints. So there is a test. Don't turn the notebook on for a while and try to boot it when the system is cold. It probably won't POST and boot. Now turn on the notebook and wrap it up good and tight in a towel or two and leave it on for an hour or so. Since it is insulated and the cooling vents are all blocked it will get nice and warm to almost hot. Then unwrap the towels and turn off the notebook. Then turn it back on. If it boots up into windows then we know the problem.
  7. No. I didn't. But I should qualify that with the fact I haven't done so in a number of years. Hafner left Malwarebytes 4 years ago so it could have been 5 years ago.
  8. I have sniffed their packets in the past. They have actually embedded a malware researcher job announcement in them. I guess the thought was if you you were adept at packet sniffing software such as Wireshark and viewed the contents of the packets then you may be knowledgeable enough to possibly become a Malwarebytes' Malware Researcher. It provided information to send an email to Robert Hafner for further information ( Robert is no longer an employee )
  9. I can think of a dozen companies that have real office space where their software is vetted by 3rd parties, are registered with their governments Tax Authorities and thus we know WHO that company is, who is on the board and who is their leader. Reputable businesses have multiple points of vetting because the are above board and don't hide behind shell companies and mult-national transactions through 3rd party countries to obfuscate who they are. Again... What suite number are they in at 1800 East Garry Ave. Santa Ana, CA or can I get AirBrush tanning at that office too ? As I have also stated, they conduct themselves through the use of fraud and they can NOT be trusted. I have provided those facts to the OP and literally, opened his eyes. No, but I found Malwarebytes' in seconds; C3640201 and C3261249
  10. They conduct themselves through the use of fraud and can NOT be trusted. For all we know it is an application made to spy for the PLA. https://shieldapps.com/about-shieldapps-software-innovations/contact/ What suite number are they in or can I get AirBrush tanning at that office too ? ShieldApps is the name of the software. What's the name of the company ? Who's the parent company ? If they are in Santa Anna California, what is their State Tax ID ? If they are reputable, why do I have to ask these questions ?
  11. https://youtu.be/m-Q0Ng61bT4 Bad Wolves rendition of the Dolores O'Riordan, and the Cranberries "Zombies" was very cool. Dolores O'Riordan recently passed so hearing this was awseome. Thanx AlexSmith ! PS: It also generated two Notification Emails as reported in; Duplicate email notifications
  12. brynn: I wanted to show you that Malwarebytes is both a Target and a Victim of this massive spam flooder attack on the Internet. The below screen capture shows a spammer posting in this forum purporting to provide Phone Support for Malwarebytes. They are a Fraud and don't represent Malwarebytes nor any entity they purport to support. They are in fact attacking this Forum and they are also attacking the Malwarebytes Brand in their actions. It is important to note that Malwarebytes is a victim in the spam flooding of this Forum and in the abuse of their name whom they do NOT represent.
  13. There is a massive campaign all over the Internet by what is called Spam Flooding. A spam flood is where numerous posts are made. In this case not only numerous spam posts but by numerous people. While Malwarebytes is a target, they are spamming fake tech support numbers for just about every common software and service you can imagine. Google Search Example on spam'd phone number: 833-327-2999
  14. I ask because I am beginning to see FakeAlerts whose format seemed to be geared for the Mobile Device arena albeit not specifically Avast related.
  15. Is Avast actually installed on this device or is it a FakeAlert masquerading as Avast ?
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