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  1. I beg to differ! If you had a true virus, you'll want McAfee AV software as it is well able to disinfect an infected file. Remember, MBAM and SAS can NOT. All you know is their retail product. You probably know nothing about Enterprise v8.70i and/or ePO and I'll bet you wouldn't know what HBSS is without a Google search and probably have to do real research into border gateway solutions. Intel's purchase of McAfee was a very strategic, well thought out venture in areas of INFOSEC and COMSEC. Yeah, McAfee has a sh!tty retail AV solution. HP makes sh!tty digital cameras but I wouldn't bad mo
  2. It is/was bad netiquette to just post a URL without having text to explain, qualify and enumerate its reason for being posted. However the subject matter, McAfee Deep Defender, "popped" with me understanding how the acquisition of McAfee by Intel would impact the anti malware industry. Reflected by the statement of the 1st web page... "McAfee Deep Defender is reinventing the industry approach to security and is the first product built on the McAfee DeepSAFE Technology co-developed with Intel." Its "General Chat", its anti malware its On Topic. The post was just framed poorly. I'm sure han_
  3. I am sure this is a direct benefactor and result of the Intel acquisition.
  4. Win32/Ramnit is a virus and there should be logs with *numereous* hits of Win32/Ramnit infected files. You will have open a forum helper assisted removal post. There are trained and qualified personnel here may be able to help you. Good Luck !
  5. A lot of misunderstanding stems from not knowing what comprises the many flavours of malware. It is a common misperception that all malware are viruses. The overarching concept is called malware, not viruses. Viruses are but one subset of malware. A decade or so ago there were a lot more viruses. Today the preponderance of malware are in the form of trojans. There is a major distinction between what comprises a computer virus. That distinction is self replication. That is the ability of the malware to spread to other files and or systems by its own means. Trojans on the other hand can
  6. LOL Then you will not be able to use the Secunia Java Applet that scans your computer for software that needs to be updated/patched nor any other Java Applet.
  7. Not a download per se. (Its a Java Applet) Run Secunia's Online Software Inspector (OSI) periodically http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/online/ It is a personal Information Assurance scanner to find and relate vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by patches/updates.
  8. Just by looking at the subject of this post I know that you have been hit by what is known as a CyberGate Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It is a trojan and not a virus and a forum helper should be able to assist you.
  9. { If I may be so bold as to respond... } The MBAM Enterprise offering isn't a replacement for an anti virus solution, it is a supplement for non-viral malware such as; adware, spyware, keyloggers, browser helper objects, etc. One would still need a fully installed anti virus application performing "On Access" and "On Demand" scanning to deal with true viruses such as; Virut, Ramnet, Parite, etc. The MBAM Enterprise offering is a managed non-viral anti malware solution.
  10. Marcin: Does it have a management a console that alerts SAs via SNMP, broadcasts, email, SMS or other methodologies ? Does it work with AD GPO ?
  11. Trojan.Agent -- reported from "...the standard install for the Brazilian Government's income tax program, 2002-2007" DARF32CBX.zip
  12. And it works too :-) I just posted a sample caught by "Heuristics.Shuriken" Hooooah !
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