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  1. They are very low-level in terms of maliciousness. As their name implies they are codes that modify game's events in order to cheat. This could be to capture relevant successful game methodologies or make chances to effect a successful outcome.
  2. Actually, you are the second person who has reported this problem. The other person was on Usenet.
  3. You have to go to your notification settings and fix or enable them. In my case I had to disable, save. Re-enable, save. To get forum notifications working again.
  4. Maybe the below will help explain why Malwarebytes (MBAM) works in conjunction with and not a replacement for an anti virus application. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=102698&view=findpost&p=507785
  5. Get it form the manufacturer and download an ISO image, create a CD and run that CD based diagnostic... SeaGate - SeaTools IBM/Hitachi - Drive Fitness Test (DFT) Western Digital - WD Diagnostics
  6. That doesn't answer the question "Does the driver show properly in Device Manager ?" Below are two images showing the Sound sub-system in Device Manager in XP (CMI8738) and Vista (SigmaTel).
  7. What counts is the Audio Chip-Set and associated OS Driver. Is the Audio embedded on the motherboard or a PCI card ? Does the driver show properly in Device Manager ?
  8. That's subjective considering that the function is a personal one and not a system one. How can one derive that it was "sparsely used" if it is personally used ?
  9. I find Lithium AAA and AA batteries always outperform their Alkaline siblings. The ONLY device that is contraindicated for their use are filament based flashlights.
  10. Tarun: I don't know the time frame you reference in "while back" but in what I am referring to existed the night before the software upgrade.
  11. Yes. It does. All forms of trojans and the modifications they make to the OS.
  12. If we are thinking about the same thing that was what I mentioned about in post 47. "We used to be able to keep "notes" in our profile." and got NO answer.
  13. Well there 'ya go. RadialPoint is well known in certain corporate and service provider arenas. Where on the web site can be found a list of OEM partners ?
  14. I got "Gateway" errors earlier. I don't know if it is Forum software related.
  15. Assuming it is the "real" RadialPoint, RadialPoint and Freedom AV are legitimate OEM anti virus solutions using Frisk (F-Prot) AV software technology. The question is it real or a fake AV using the name as so many Fake AV have used variations of legitimate names in the past.
  16. You have excerpted the content to a point where its harder to interpret but from the looks of it, MBAM is indicating that the File Associations and/or how a files are treated by the Operating System for *.SCR and *.REG files has been modified in the Registry. Those types of files may not work as intended and the modifications need to be corrected.
  17. We used to be able to keep "notes" in our profile. What happened to this ? EDIT: Spell check works in Windows Firefox v3.6.25 but doesn't work in Firefox v9.01.
  18. No sweat Larry. I don't even like the greyed out appearance of quoted text. It's barely legible. Forum changes
  19. Been there. It's checked immediate. That was before I replied to you.
  20. Ditto NOTE: Not getting emails for those who posted subsequent to me in this thread.
  21. There is no contrast - I feel like I am in a "White Out" When creating a link you can't easily label the link. Not getting emails for threads I participate in My overall opinion -->
  22. Yes. And it is a good question. You can copy DATA FILES (DOC, PPT, TXT, PDF, MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV, JPG, XLS, PUB, etc.) from what was an infected hard disk to another. However you want to do it with an anti virus product that is "on" and "enabled" and up-to-date such that as the files are read from the source disk and written to the destination disk each and every file is scanned. This is called "On Access" scanning. Do NOT copy EXE, DLL or other executables. Only data. Once you have wiped the hard disk of the infected PC and re-installed the OS of choice, make sure you have installed your choice of anti virus application such that it is "on" and "enabled" and up-to-date when you copy/move the data files from the temporary storage drive into your profile "Documents" folder.
  23. No, MBAM is not a complete solution and the following may help explain why... http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=102698&view=findpost&p=507785 MBAM paired with Microsoft Security Essentials is more apropos.
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