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  1. FTC Obtains Court Order Banning Work-From-Home Scammer from Selling Business Opportunities and Using Robocalls
  2. If this is a 2.5" drive, I'd try another enclosure or one of those USB to SATA interfaces to perform the Cloniing. StarTech.com USB312SAT3CB USB 3.1 (10Gbps) Adapter Cable for 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD Drives - Supports SATA III (6 Gbps) - USB Powered Rosewill USB Type C to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" SATA SSD HDD, Support SATA III / II / I and UASP I bought an USB 3.0 enclosure and found it had a similar issue but with a spindle drive. I obtained another enclosure and the problem was solved.
  3. To me it's like a Diner. You want to have visitors that use your services. Patrons have automobiles and so do the staff. However, you need to have a parking lot for your patrons. On a periodic basis and on some occasions you have more business than usual. Like Mother's day. If the parking lot is too small, the parking lot fills up. It causes a backup of automobiles onto the thoroughfare. A mini traffic jam ensues as well as a possible increase in vehicular accidents. It causes some patron's to park elsewhere. This causes the patrons to endure additional physical time and effort t
  4. If a company sends email en masse they may get flagged as a spammer. So companies choose service providers who specialize as mass e-mailers. Companies like SendGrid. They will substitute their own Link for the URL in the mass mailing. This way if an account is compromised, or violates their Authorized Use Policy/Terms of Service (AUP/ToS), and sends out malicious emails, companies like SendGrid can disable their Link which neuters the malicious URL in the email.
  5. Scammers reportedly using fake unemployment benefits websites as phishing lures
  6. We call them - JUNK. And yes, people buy them 'cause they are cheap. Cheap JUNK.
  7. True but many others have trap-doors and desktops are the easiest.
  8. I can't disagree with the Logic of a SSD vs. a Spindle Drive. I have replaced all my Spindle Drives with Samsung and Crucial SSD. However RAM is the easiest to install and add a performance enhancement. However, 4GB is just not enough. RAM is cheap. Upgrade. Replacing a Spindle Drive with a SSD has technical challenges and a level of knowledge that most do not have. They can learn it and they can succeed and there are tools for this. For example there are specific Free OEM versions of Acronis TrueImage to clone SeaGate (which covers Samsung SSD) and Crucial drives. But, for ma
  9. Don't use the software to show a request for the customer to perform a survey.
  10. Yes, to run the OS. However to run applications under the Win10/64 OS, the minimum suggested is 8GB RAM.
  11. That code segment has zero detections by all participating vendors at Virus Total... https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7ba7ad1783cb9ab6a7abb544a9ba372504aca0df257fa973410a5fa6b0342e6f/detection Malwarebytes Anti Malware (MBAM) does not target scripted malware via signatures so assuming the script snippet was malicious, MBAM would not "detect" it.
  12. The forum has the Research Center for submissions. I will request this thread be moved to; Newest Malware Threats a sub-forum of the Research Center.
  13. MBAM does not target scripted malware via signatures. Thus MBAM will not "detect" a BAT/CMD file. MBAM uses its anti exploitation module to block ill-effects a script may perform. This sub-forum is specifically for individuals who are seeking assistance with removing malware from their Windows Computer by a trained Forum Helper. Do you need such assistance ?
  14. The Intel i3 CPU is not that great. It's better than a Celeron or Pentium but not as good as an i5 or i7, etc. The Intel i5 has probably the best performance price ratio. There are two types of storage. Primary and Secondary. Primary storage is Fast RAM. Secondary Storage is slower Solid State Drives or Spindle Drives (15K RPM, 7,200 RPM and 5,200 RPM are the slowest) You need to raise the RAM ceiling so the %Memory used, shown in Task Manager, is reduced. How you can upgrade the RAM is dependent upon the Make and Model. You may have two memory module slots whe
  15. That's too little. If you are running Windows 10 64bit, you want at least 8GB RAM.
  16. PCRisk is giving very poor quality information and its not new. It is so generic and vanilla. Its made to capture the eye of someone who just doesn't know much about malware. The site is all about supplying insufficient information such that you choose I see other "guides" as well also indicate Maybe for affiliate revenue of some kind. Malwarebytes software is best downloaded directly from Malwarebytes itself and not from PCRisk. In any case Malwarebytes will handle any form of malware that topic covers.
  17. What is a "Complaint Letter Virus" ? Viruses are a distinct type of malware that are able to Self Replicate. That is they are able to autonomously spread on their own. From file to file. File to computer or computer to file or from computer to computer. Viruses are now a very, very, small component of the malware arena. When it comes to malicious software the terminology "virus" is widely abused and misused. The terminology "Complaint Letter Virus" sounds more like a colloquial term than a real computer virus name like; Jerusalem, Form, Nimda, Parite, WannaCry and Virut.
  18. Newest Malware Threats is where one submits malware or suspicious files. You had posted a "text of experience" and I posted... Instead of following the directions in; I'm infected - What do I do now? you posted a sample submission. In any case, from the Virus Total Report URL, the software was first submitted to Virus Total on 2021-02-01 and it is now March 8th. The file has been known to Virus Total, and its participating vendors, for over a month with zero detections. The file is digitally signed and is not malicious.
  19. In the Malwarebytes for Windows Support Forum there is a thread that has a sequential series of Staff posts for each update whose body has information of what has been included, fixed or enhanced. There are also other good "sticky" threads to read by Staff. Malwarebytes 4.3
  20. No new high level modules have been added in a while. The core of the application went to version 4.3 not long ago. Periodically there are Component Package updates and version 1.0.1173 was the latest.
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