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  1. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/592803b494e796e485f9bf4d06d0c63192cdf856ecc3ce9cea5b835efc512d84/detection
  2. Please reference: FP in Exact Audio Copy 1.5 (EAC)
  3. Data exfiltration Database security Security Issues in the Database Language SQL
  4. Yes, It is a nice Software Skin. People asked for icing on their cake and Malwarebytes came through.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GIF#Animated_GIF
  6. Its isn't about a VPN Exit node to a be in a specific location, it is about not emanating from your ISP GeoIP. Additionally it is for creating an encrypted pipe for when one hops onto a Public Network such as provided by a Restaurant or Hotel WiFi so you are not snooped-on by other patrons.
  7. VPN is a pipe much like the Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) and introduces overhead. With PPPoE the overhead is 8 bytes while the VPN is 80 bytes reducing the MTU to 1420. This article from SonicWall gives some information and a comparison. https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/set-mtu-in-vpn-environment-in-case-of-throughput-issues/170705131319789/
  8. Just saw both of these very funny movies. What do they have in common ?
  9. GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach - 28,000 Customers Affected "GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest domain registrar and a web hosting company that provides services to roughly 19 million customers around the world, has confirmed a data breach. According to a BleepingComputer report, GoDaddy notified notified some of its customers that an unauthorized party used their web hosting account credentials to connect to their hosting account via SSH. GoDaddy claims the breach took place on October 19, 2019 and was discovered on April 23, 2020, after the company's security team discovered an alter
  10. Nintendo Breach Affects 160,000 User Accounts "Nintendo has begun restricting log-ins and resetting affected passwords after admitting that as many as 160,000 accounts may have been illegally accessed by hackers. The Japanese gaming giant said it was disabling access to accounts via the legacy Nintendo Network ID (NNID), which was associated with its now-defunct Nintendo 3DS handsets and Wii U consoles. That’s because, since the beginning of April, hackers have been using NNIDs “obtained illegally by some means other than our service” to access user accounts and buy digital item
  11. Welcome my fellow Atlantic Coast Yankee.
  12. YW The US FBI recently put out a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that the Extortion Email was in a new campaign due to the COVID Pandemic. https://www.ic3.gov/media/2020/200420.aspx
  13. Please Reference: FYI : Email Blackmail Scam still current
  14. How to live stream ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ online The show will be live-streamed on the New Jersey Devils’ website, as well as Apple TV apps. Viewers who live in the New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia markets and want to watch the broadcast online via one of the network TV channels can sign up for streaming services Fubo TV, which offers a free trial, or Hulu Live TV.
  15. How can that be Trump ? It is a picture of a Camel not a Donkey !
  16. Please create a post in; Windows Malware Removal Help & Support and request to have your PC checked-out.
  17. Over 500,000 Zoom accounts sold on hacker forums, the dark web "Over 500,000 Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums for less than a penny each, and in some cases, given away for free. These credentials are gathered through credential stuffing attacks where threat actors attempt to login to Zoom using accounts leaked in older data breaches. The successful logins are then compiled into lists that are sold to other hackers. Some of these Zoom accounts are offered for free on hacker forums so that hackers can use them in zoom-bombing pranks and malicious acti
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