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  1. Xiexie ni all... I have tried all suggestions from Post #19 and on with derivatives of Post 22 suggestions to no avail. I will note that all hardware unquestionably work. It is only the Device display in the Control Panel applet "Devices and Printers" in one Win7 Profile that is askew.
  2. Anything that is predicated on a fraud can't be good. If they are willing to have their software promoted by fraud or are directly promoting it through fraud is a good reason for the software to be declared as a PUP. As for the actual software, I have not analyzed it and based upon my own observations, I believe any PUP detection is a prima facie validation.
  3. For one they use scam websites in a kind of malicious advertisement ( aka; malvertisement ) called FakeAlerts that masquerade as Microsoft. The site may present a fake anti malware scan that falsely states your computer is infected with "viruses" and tells the victim they need to "download and repair windows" which leads to the web site ReimagePlus.Com . It is flagged as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) because of the malicious activity around it.
  4. Drivers are installed in the OS. Profiles inherit hardware configurations. The CA-200 and the USB hard disk are connected via USB. The two Epson are IP Enabled. The Western Digital MyBook is connected via eSATA. There is only one eSATA port. I'll try the USB v2.0 USB HD and see if that gleams some information. Thanx FF.
  5. "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."
  6. There are no other issues noted in the Profile w/the Device and Printer display issue. I am looking for corrective solutions within the Profile.
  7. Not really. That's a cop out solution. It would be like I a have a flat tire than keeps getting flat. Instead of fixing or replacing the tire, I replace the whole car.
  8. If it was a windows corruption, both user profiles would have a problem displaying the devices. Thus I surmise that whatever it is, it is isolated to one User Profile and HKCU.
  9. Regarding the Windows 7 "Device and Printers" Control Panel applet display... Recently the Icons and Names representing hardware devices are no longer specifically defined but are now showing a generic name of "Device" with an anomaly for two printers. Here is display in one Windows 7 Profile where they no longer display properly. Here is the same display, the correct display, using a different Windows Profile ( different user logged-on ) Specifically the CA-200 ( multi-memory card reader ) and USB 2.0 Storage Device show as just "device". The same happe
  10. A MoCA adapter is for Cable networking that runs over RG6 type 75 ohm coaxial cable. While Twisted-Pair Ethernet is limited to 100 Meters ( 100M ), Coaxial cable can have much greater length. Using a MoCA adapter one could connect an 1Gb/s Ethernet cable to a RG6 type 75 ohm coaxial cable which can run much further than 100M and have much greater immunity from noise and and have another MoCA adapter connected to an Ethernet Switch ( some MOCA adapters contain a 4-port Ethernet Switch ). For example. Using MoCA Adapte
  11. Who cares what CloudFlare "thinks". They act as a moat to protect the castle of malicious activity. PS: @sman can you please normalize those font sizes.
  12. The temperature of the disk is a by-product of normal operation and is within normal operating specifications. A Western Digital Spindle drive Operating Environmental condition is 0 ~ 60 Deg C and you reported 43 Deg C. There is no issue.
  13. I suggest working with them further. Especially if you pay to use their VPN client software.
  14. Assuming the VPN is safe, you don't disable the Windows Firewall, you allow the VPN client to go through the Windows Firewall.
  15. I'll assume that's 43 Deg Celsius which is ~110 Deg Fahrenheit. That's not a high temperature. Obviously if a disk is being scanned, it is in its highest mode of operation ( SSD or Spindle ) and its temperature will be expected to rise above a quiescent state temperature. Your highest mode of operation temperature is both reasonable and within operation specifications. Comparatively speaking Humans are ~98.6 Deg F. Your disk drive temperature isn't much higher. The application priority is a moot point. The disk activity is the key to drive temperature and any application tha
  16. To be blocked, MBAM has to know the URL of the site hosting the FakeAlert. If the URL of the site can be discerned, it can be submitted such that it can be blocked for other Malwarebytes' product users. These sites are created en masse and its difficult to keep up with the myriad of sites being created. Malwarebytes has created new Browser Add-Ons called Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome and Firefox to mitigate FakeAlerts and other frauds. Unfortunately, one has not been created for Safari, yet. Browser Add-On references: Malwarebytes Browser Guard Malwarebytes Browser Guard
  17. It was an Apple FakeAlert and is not malware on your MAC. It was a kind of malicious advertisement ( aka; malvertisement ). I have created a PDF ScreenShow of a myriad of FakeAlert screens which includes numerous Apple FakeAlerts - FakeAlert-Screens.pdf / Flash Version
  18. Replace URL with; http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb-mac { tested with WGET }
  19. Wat is mB.exe and where are you downloading it ? If you want the Malwarebytes anti malware fore windows the URL is - http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb-windows Which is digitally signed, ‎Monday, ‎October ‎21, ‎2019 09:32:12
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