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  1. eSATA or other Removable Media may be the simple method. I keep 'em on an External Power switch and turn-on when needed, and then Safely Remove then power down when no longer needed.
  2. Bob & Doug's Excellent Adventure SpaceX Spashdown !
  3. Malicious and/or suspect URLs are posted in; Newest IP or URL Threats after reading; READ ME: Purpose of this forum General malware in the form of physical Windows related disk file samples are submitted in; Newest Malware Threats after reading; Malware Hunters group Purpose of this forum Ransomware specific malware ( along with rogue software such as fake anti malware applications ) are submitted in; Newest Rogue-Ransomware Threats
  4. Except for a Bookmarks/Favourites Toolbar use, I keep all my Links ( .URL files ) as disk files in a C:\Web Sites\ folder and I just set the Default Browser. This gives me full control of my Web Links, allows me to back them up as regular disk files and use them in any Browser or easily manipulate them.
  5. Just to qualify... One can Edit and Delete posts but not new members. Due to the occurrence of Spam and Abuse the Forum Administration has limited new user's capabilities. As one posts and become a contributing member of the Forum such capabilities are granted. This "Moderation" is a valuable function that is not available in Internet Relay Chat. Post Sorting ( Ascending/Descending ) is usually a function of the Web Forum software. Malwarebytes uses the Invision Community software and whether it is capable of sorting posts is not known by me. If it is implemented by Forum software, it is usually a functionality in one's User Profile Settings as a "Default". Maybe the Forum Admin can provide further information Attn: @AdvancedSetup
  6. I would prefer Usenet but that requires NNTP compliant software and Google has destroyed Usenet. Web Forums use the de facto HTTPS protocol and they are extremely well supported on all platforms using common Web Browsers bringing the ability to support a vast majority of Internet users with ease of access.
  7. That is what this Web Forum is for. Product support, product information and updates, product assistance, communication with staff on an overarching level, software suggestions, software and Web Forum feedback and sample/URL submissions. All being provided using standard Web Browsing software.
  8. I do not believe one exists.
  9. https://www.crucial.com/ssd/bx500/ct480bx500ssd1 https://www.crucial.com/ssd/bx500/ct1000bx500ssd1
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panspermia
  11. And the exploration of space continues... The UAE has successfully launched the Arab world's first Mars mission
  12. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5788136/
  13. As a follow-up, I wanted to report why LED emission tuning is effective. It is because the physical size of the COVID particle is close to the wavelength spectrum of UVC being 100 ~ 280nm. It turns out COVID is physically 80 ~ 120nm in size. Thus it really isn't UVC that is effective but what is called Vacuum Ultraviolet which has a spectrum of 10 ~ 200nm. By tuning an array of LEDs to emit a spectrum range associated with the physical size of COVID particles, an overpowering amount of Luminous flux in an air duct disinfection system is very effective in breaking down the COVID particle rendering it inert. Reference: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Coronavirus-particles-80-to-120-nm-in-diameter-identified-in-in-fected-HRT-cell_fig1_12225613 https://www.nature.com/articles/srep18030
  14. Right. Bleach ( Sodium Hypochlorite ) is also very dangerous. Yet 8 drops of bleach can be added per gallon of impure water to purify it of pathogens and make it potable. If that water is boiled first, two drops of bleach per gallon of water will keep it clean of pathogens. The Air filter technique does not hold more promise as it restricts air flow and heating the Nickel foam to close to 400 Deg F. would consume more energy and would be more difficult to retrofit. Think about it. You are heating a metallic foam that passes its heat energy, measured in BTUs, to the surrounding air. That is fine in the winter months but in the summer months the air conditioning units would have to compensate that added BTU load in its facility cooling system. However, both are closed systems. UVC light in an air duct would allow unrestricted air flow and would be concealed such that you would not be influenced by the ultraviolet light. The fact that I have discussed UVC LEDs means that they would consume less power. Even lower than compact fluorescent tubes or other former emission techniques that would have greater losses in the form of heat. LEDs would still generate heat but that heat can be dissipated into the dead/non-circulating air space. Best of all, LEDs can be tuned to emit light in the most effective wavelengths.
  15. Of course UVC can be dangerous. That's why it kills/breaks down simple celled organisms and viruses. When human skin is exposed to UVC it can cause "Sun Burn" and prolonged exposure can lead to Skin Cancer and if viewed by the eyes can cause cornea injury ( aka; “welder's eye” ) . However UVC is a type of surface acting agent. It's ability to penetrate below a surface is extremely poor. In the Clam Depuration process or within an air duct the UVC light source is in a closed system. When it is used by a Hospital Robot type of application, the robot is used to enter a hospital room and bathe the surfaces in UVC light when there is nobody in that room ( usually after a patient has left the room ). When used as a fixed appliance, such as in Subway Cars, the light is only used during scheduled off-hour maintenance. There is one instance where I can see UVC light being used in a non-closed system. I can envision a meat processing facility where the assembly line is bathed in UVC light along with the visible spectrum. However the people on the lines are already wearing coveralls and gloves so their skin is covered and the only thing remaining is to wear a UVC filter visor to protect the eyes and face. Thus the COVID cloud in the air can be mitigated as well as on all bathed surfaces. This will not only be good for the personnel on the line but will also kill Escherichia coli ( aka; E. Coli ), Lysteria and other food borne pathogens. While it would not affect colonies within the meat being processed, it will help keep surfaces clean and thus reduce the spread of the pathogen within the meat processing plant.
  16. So ? UVC kills pathogens such as Viruses, Bacteria and Protozoa and even Mold. With the advent of high power Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit 100 ~ 280nm ultraviolet light, one can easily retrofit any air duct with an array of UVC LEDs and destroy COVID and other infection agents. This can be done in Air or Water. This is not new. Only the application of UVC LEDs are new. UVC emitting light tubes have been around for 100+ years and have been used in purification processes around the world. In fact it is used to make Clams that are unfit for human consumption fit for human consumption in just 48 hours which is known known as the Clam Depuration process. References: https://www.robotlab.com/store/connor-uvc-disinfection-robot https://njbiz.com/united-seacoast/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_germicidal_irradiation https://www.cuimc.columbia.edu/news/can-uv-light-fight-spread-influenza https://materion.com/resource-center/newsletters/materials-news-stats-and-chats/killing-germs-with-leds
  17. It would be nice if you actually KNEW how to interpret the results set forth in front of you. It is a shame that you can't but subsequently provide information in a fashion to support some form of vengeful agenda without fully understanding the information that you have provided. You act just like a Tech Support scammer that uses Social Engineering to con some victim into thinking there is something wrong with their PC and gets them to allow the Tech Support scammer to remote-in the victim's PC. Once there they perform a series of actions that are used to persuade the victim that they are infected or that their computer is fouled up and requires the victim to pay for some service and for a service contract. The victim is presented information that they can't interpret but the narrative is used to lend credulity to the victim of the Tech Support scammer's fraud narrative. It would be like saying Nir Sofer is a malicious actor because some of the tools he authors get detected by various anti malware solutions. That would be a false narrative because he authors tools that perform a set of functionalities that can ( and have been ) used in a malicious fashion. Thus many of the tools offered for use at NirSoft are flagged as HackTools or as other detection names not be because the tools are themselves malicious but because they can gather and provide information that can be used in a malicious fashion such as grabbing license keys or WiFi Passwords. One may provide these tools to some automated analysis system and may get suspicious or malicious declarations because of the activity these tools perform. However one must look at the tools activity in an overarching fashion. For example if ( and only IF ) NirSoft's WirelessKeyView could show WiFi Passwords and exfiltrate said data and dump the harvested information to some web site. But that's not the case. WirelessKeyView only accesses that information and provides it to the person who executes the utility. Farber's utility, hosted on BleepingComputer, is similarly classed but it doesn't even grab that level of information that NirSoft's utilities gather. It does gather information about a platform in such a fashion as to allow a trained Forum Helper to "remotely" assist a Windows Computer user in analyzing that platform for abnormal, adverse and/or consequential information. It is used countless times on numerous Forums and sites where anti malware assistance is provided and is a White Hat utility.
  18. Most likely because the uninstaller utility is not Digitally Signed executable.
  19. The EICAR test string is based upon 16bit executables and to MBAM is just a string. MBAM specifically targets PE binaries that start with the first two characters being; MZ which the EICAR does not have. They can be; EXE, COM, CPL, SYS, DLL, SCR and OCX. Any of these file types can be renamed to be anything such as; TXT, JPG, CMD and BAT and they will still be targeted just as long as the binary starts with 'MZ'. This includes file names that use Unicode Right-to-Left Override to obfuscate an executable file extension.
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