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  1. I didn't send it because it's been working since then. geranium
  2. This is not all good news. This is a new PC and I had downloaded MBAM from the Malwarebytes site a couple of says ago and as above it was now working with the licence until I found it had reverted to the Free version. I looked again after your message and see it is not the new version at all but is 3.0.6. I can't imagine how that happened when I downloaded it from the Malwarebytes site. So, I downloaded the new version from the link in this thread. Then the licence went back to the problem I had initially with recognising the ID but not the Key. On the off chance I tried the second licence and that worked, So for the last 24 hours or so I have had the new version and the licence working properly. I still have one licence that doesn't work. Thanks for help geranium
  3. I spoke too soon. It has been working as an activated Premium all night and a full scan but I just looked at it to see the scan result and it has reverted the the free version. I have re-activated it with the licence but why does it do that? Thanks again for help geranium
  4. In my last message I said I must have done something wrong although I did not know what. I had not done anything wrong. I had been in touch with Malwarebytes support who had emailed me that I hadn't seen to say that they had reset my licences and that is why I could activate them. Thanks for help. geranium
  5. I sent you a reply yesterday but it is not showing here. I said that It now works and I apologise that I must have been doing something wrong although I can't think what. I was copying and pasting from the Cleverbridge email and I had it in the correct order ( although they have it upside down in what they send). .Sorry Thank you for your help geranium
  6. Oh dear. If I had transposed them as you suggest none of them would have ticked but the ID did. I always copy and paste them I am not familiar with this new PC (Windows 10) with very little installed on it. If you give me the precise steps for a screenshot I will do it. geranium
  7. Thank you for your private message. I don't have any screenshots. What it is doing is quite straightforward When I type in the licence details on both of them it is placing a green tick in the ID, leaving the key blank and asking me if I want to buy a licence. I bought these two lifetime licences 4 years ago and they have worked just fine. geranium
  8. I bought two lifetime licences in May 2013 from Cleverbridge. They both worked fine. Both PCs died and I have just tried to install each of them on my new PC. They both say the ID is recognised but they both say the Key is not. Can you help please? Thanks
  9. I have re-installed and updated and all seems fine. I just need to know how to set up the exclusion in Avast which I couldn't find how to do and your link is not helping me.. Thanks for help
  10. Thanks daledoc. I am running XP SP3 and have only the Windows firewall. I am running the free Avast and cannot see how to exclude any files and would be grateful for any help with that. Thanks geranium
  11. Thank you daledoc1 I have in the meantime tried a manual update again, as my automatic updates have apparently not been working, and am getting the message Unable to access update server. Is there perhaps a problem at Malwarebytes? And how could the Malicious Website Protection become disabled? Thanks for help geranium
  12. Malwarebytes states the the System is not fully protected see pic. What is this about please? geranium
  13. Thanks. Now that this has happened I feel uneasy trusting any data on them I have already bought a new one and got a Sandisk this time. I'll probably accept the suppliers offer to take them back. Thanks for help. geranium
  14. Thanks but I am not running any sort of encryption software. This is a really old rather basic computer. I did buy a new Windows 8 big beast but is still in the box as I cannot bear to part with this one. The strange thing was I copied some of the same files on to the 8Gb ones at the same time and they worked fine on the little laptop. I have always done this before and never had a problem. Thanks for help geraniium
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