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  1. HELLO! ok, so i just got my pc two weeks ago, and i havnt really downloaded anything on it. But, no matter how many times i try to set my homepage or settings to google, when i press google chrome, it opens up three windows instead of one all with www.delta - something websites. and MCAFEE tells me every now and then someone with the ip address is on my computer, i looked it up and i think its in italy somewhere. I went a little overboard with the anti viruses and have ad-aware antivirus, mcafee antivirus, norton anti virus, and SUPERantivirus. none of these detect anything wrong, but im sure there is still malware or a false program on my computer. can it be one of those anti virus programs i installed? i tried scanning each of them with each others program, but i dont know if that would work? any help would be great! im not good with computers and racking my brain here!
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