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  1. Well I hope the changes are made, anyway thanks Pedro.
  2. No replies from anyone? Even though I've given a good example above.
  3. The 'stop protection' option doesn't actually end the running processes, they are all still running in the background after you press 'stop', so I don't really know what that button does. Also, I will give you an example of why you should have an 'Exit' option and an option which 'prevents the program from booting at start-up'. If someone has good security on their PC, they may not feel the need to have this program running all the time, however if they are occasionally using websites like torrents websites/forums which sometimes have malware, then they might want to turn MBAE on to be extra
  4. If mbae.exe is the user interface, and mbae-svc.exe is the protection service, then what does mbae64.exe do? Also, if you start or stop the mbae-svc.exe process, does the same happen to mbae64.exe automatically? And I still think an 'Exit' option should be added to the next version, and a setting for preventing the whole program from booting at start-up (maybe in the Advanced Settings section). There is no harm in having these options available to a user, it at least gives them a choice.
  5. Also, I just tested disabling it in Task Manager on Windows 10 using a spare PC, but it still loads in the background without the system icon, after it reboots. mbae-svc.exe and mbae64.exe are both running.
  6. Thanks Pedro, but I don't know how to make BAT files. And I still want to know the answer to my questions please, would disabling it at start-up in Task Manager 'damage' the program in any way? Would it prevent it functioning correctly?
  7. Also, you can't exit the program either, even if you 'Stop Protection', it's still running in the background, as I can see it in Task Manager. So there should be an 'Exit' option added too, like most programs have (maybe by right-clicking on its system icon).
  8. Hello, I don't want to use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (Free) all the time, so can I disable it from loading every time Windows 10 boots? I would do it on the MBAE Settings page, but there isn't an option (maybe add one in the next version). So the only way to do it is probably with Task Manager on the Start-up tab. But if I prevent MBAE from loading at start-up, will it damage the program in any way? Like are there drivers or any processes which need to load at start-up to make sure it functions correctly? Can the program only be run occasionally when needed? If there are any MBAE devel
  9. Hi bdubrow, thanks for the reply. We definitely should always use the latest definitions, it could be the difference between finding malware and not. Also, the update only adds like 4 seconds to the scanning time, so it's worth it.
  10. Hi daledoc1, I think you're right in saying what you think it does, I just want one of the MBAM staff to confirm though. It even does 'Pre-Scan Operations' when scanning just one file or small folder, which can take 30 seconds alone.
  11. Hi, When scanning an individual file with MBAM (free version), it doesn't update the definitions before scanning. Isn't this a bug? Because when you do the scan, a tick appears on the 'Check for Updates' part, before it continues with the 'Pre-Scan Operations'? Thanks very much, Transformers
  12. Hi, When running a scan, what exactly does Pre-Scan Operations do in MBAM (free version)? Is there any way to turn it off, or should I leave it on if it's beneficial? Thanks very much, Transformers
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