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  1. Having similar issues that other have reported. Running Windows 7 Pro, MSE, & MBAM Pro paid version Window updates done on 11-15-16 without issue. Updated MBAM and MSE this morning. Problems surfaced during reboot of windows. PC nearly inoperable with difficulties booting into windows (hanging at the welcome screen) and once at desktop OS was non-responsive. Example when right clicking on desktop icon it took 3-5 minutes for menu to open. OS became fully operable after disabling active protections of MBAM. Once OS was stable, did some testing, using deep freeze program. Also running MBAE, but enabling MBAE application alone does not cause any issues. OS was stable until I enable MBAM filesystem protection and attempt to run MSE scan. I suspect rebooting windows would also present issues based on earlier experience. Unable to retest. Planning to not use affected PC, until issues resolved.