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  1. yeah, but it's an old blackberry 9320 curve, the app seems geared towards android users, this phone is, to say the least, less than stellar for apps, and definitely cannot use android apps. ah well.
  2. hello, i don't really have an issue, just doing some regular scanning and i have my phone charging via my computer and i was wondering, even though in the full scan drive selection window it shows my phone (as drive "x") is malwarebytes able to find/remove malicious software that may be on my phone? or is there a distinction that would require an app specifically for the phone? as it is an older blackberry i can't get the google play version of malwarebytes. p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong topic thread i wasn't sure where to post it, nothing came up in the search and this post doesn't require urgent response as it is just an idle query.
  3. i think we're about done here other than troubleshooting some minor game lag (could just be on Blizzard's end), and minor audio issues, but i'm sure i can troubleshoot those on my own. thank you so much for your time!
  4. sorry i was typing that in the run bar instead of loading cmd.exe first, getting tired... anyway success!
  5. sorry for the delay, one of my roommates is pretty sick had to run to the store and get some cough syrup for her. i'll run that now i forgot to turn off the av
  6. i'm not sure if it got removed, the dos window pops open for a milisecond and then disappears, where can i check to see if it's still there?
  7. okay some of that stuff had already been removed, but what about "S3 SjyPkt;SjyPkt;\??\c:\windows\system32\drivers\sjypkt.sys --> c:\windows\system32\drivers\SjyPkt.sys [?]"? i've looked online a bit concerned maybe it's a virus, though i'm sure it's that realtek thing you said, i don't know how to remove it.
  8. i'm using the free version but i'm going to buy pro either next week or around the end of the month.
  9. "If you're not going to use the Realtek Wireless card then you should uninstall it. The system is trying to load a driver that apparently is no longer there and is being flagged in the Event Logs. S3 SjyPkt;SjyPkt;\??\c:\windows\system32\drivers\sjypkt.sys --> c:\windows\system32\drivers\SjyPkt.sys [?]" there is this however, should i re-install it or uninstall it? i mean in regards to my current wireless set up, would it possibly solve my lag spikes?
  10. just "unusual" latency spikes and audio glitches, but i guess i that's not in the jurisdiction of malwarebytes now that i guess it's shown that i'm not infected, and i can go back and review some of the previous posts and see if i can't fix up the audio at least... the latency issue i should be able to figure out on my own too.
  11. okay was i supposed reinstall mbam again before running mbam-check? i'll install it now and run mbam-check again, sorry.
  12. also when i go to IE8 to check for updates, on the page that has the "Express" and "Custom" install buttons, right above it is "New! Get Microsoft Update today!" should i install that too? or is that for win7/vista and up?
  13. okay the fix-it found 4 problems, fixed 3 of them, "Service registration is missing or corrupt"... when i click "get online solutions tailored to your pc..." it keeps telling me to retry (i don't know if it's because i keep screwing up the "captcha" (i hate those things) or if it's just no longer available as an option, when i click on "just show me the solutions online" it takes me to the beta discontinued page... guess i'll look it up.... as for the realtek wireless card, i'm not sure, would it stabilize my current connection via the belkin card in any way? i've been noticing some odd behaviour with it, it's either always "excellent" (which i've never seen with my ancient d-link card) or it just drops signal at seemingly random intervals... here's the mbam check: CheckResults.txt
  14. okay what i did was reformat but with the current state i think it was... then after i got the belkin thing set up and avast running, i installed sp3 and ie8 and it installed ALL the updates without fail, took awhile though. i ran windows update through IE8 a few more times just to check if there was more, and i think it's done for now, other than optional things.
  15. okay i think a part of the problem was my d-link card... i installed an "old" belkin card that i never used before because where the antenna mount is was right below the port for the monitor so the antenna would have to go off to the side, and because the reception at my old place was already crappy that just wasn't working, i installed it here and no problems i didn't have to go through the process of having to go through device manager to set it up, and i had the disk (for once). i will get back to you with my progress.
  16. Well nix everything, I was moving stuff around/cleaning down here, having recently moved, and I noticed that the wireless signal was low, so I adjusted the antenna just a little bit and then the computer froze up and repeated attempts to reboot it, it would just freeze at a certain point on the windows xp loading screen.. Looks like its completed screwed. I guess I'm going to have to run a clean install again... Repair doesn't work.
  17. here they are... um, should i have had the optional scans boxes checked too in FRST? Result.txt FRST.txt
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