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  1. Attached is the FRST fixlog. The original problem seems to be resolved. My antivirus program is now updating automatically, and, I can also successfully run a manual update. Fixlog.txt
  2. Here are the two logs from the Farbar tool. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Here is the Malwarebytes scan. Working on Farbar now. Will post back with that as soon as that's done. BTW, just to let you know. After deleting everything that Malwarebytes discovered, my Kaspersky is now updating. scan_2.txt
  4. TwinHeadedEagle, Hello, and thank you for your response. I am re-running Malwarebytes right now, and will post as soon as it's finished. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Let me first say that back in 9/2013, i had a piece of malware that you so generously help me remove. You guys are great. Currently, my antivirus program will not update it's .DAT. files. I use Kaspersky, and I recently noticed a "!" next to the icon in my system tray. Upon investigation, I discovered it was not auto-updating. When I command it to update manually, it appears to complete updating, but, Kaspersky still continues to report that it is "extremely out of date". To me, this screams of some type of malware on my computer blocking it's updating capability. I recently ran Malwarebytes (last night), and would like you to review the attached scan file to see if any of this is malware that could be interfering with my Kaspersky updating (it found 18 items). Also, if there is anything else that I can run or check for you to help me investigate this problem I would must appreciate any suggestions/help. Thank you. scan_1.txt