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  1. When I go to contact the help desk, it says I need an "order number", but I don't know how to find it.
  2. Hey, so I made a topic a little while back about my Malware-Antimalware Bytes not working, and eventually they asked me to post the DDS.txt and the Attach.txt, and apparently the logs hinted at an infection. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=133336 This is the thread. If you check the most recent posts by me, it includes a DDS.txt, Attach.txt, and mbam check log from earlier today.
  3. I did that, the scheduler worked when I first set the times up, but then it stopped. :/
  4. How do I get my key information? It says the order number but the key is censored like ****.
  5. Didn't work. I copy/pasted it in there, and then hit ENTER. Then it told me if I wanted to run it, like it would if I clicked "Run as Administrator" on another program. Then just nothing popped up. Now in my scheduler list it says: 1 hourly update 1 daily Quick Scan But they don't work.
  6. Huh? Sorry, I do not see what you mean by "START"? I'm a bit of a noob with some aspects of computers. Do you mean the console?
  7. Hey guys. So I have just gotten Malware Anti-Malware Bytes Pro about 2 weeks ago, and my Scheduler has not worked at all. I have daily quick scans and weekly full scans set to occur, but they never do. I am running a Windows 7 64 bit laptop computer. Database Version: v2013.09.15.06 I would appreciate any help with the issue. Thanks.
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