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  1. Still running fine, automatic update to most recent version went smoothly
  2. More than two months in, just thought I'd drop by again to say things are still fine, no hiccups at all, other than the minor one I previously posted in this thread.
  3. Noticed MS Office 2007 loses all support from MS next year, so I made the plunge and got an Office 365 subscription. MBARW did not act up during installation of Office 2016, I'm able to open files of all types, and it basically appears to be running fine. I see others were having issues with Office, so I thought the success anecdote might be a useful data point.
  4. Recently went from 8.1 to 10 (64), but this computer has never had 7 installed on it at any point, so no.
  5. Philosophically, as an end user, that provides me with no comfort. Unless you're going to allege that the test is essentially being presented as an illusion, and not real malware, if malware can so easily be tweaked to get around a product, given the relatively small market of security products in existence, that's terrifying. Do I understand then that for malware such as what's presented, your files are still intact, and you could simply pull the disk out of your computer and load the files onto another device or fresh disk? Essentially as a worst case scenario, the malware is defea
  6. Have run MBAE since it was in beta with HMP.A, never a conflict. So far MBARW hasn't conflicted with anything either.
  7. Haven't gotten around to clean install yet, but after performing the update to the most recent better, protection did disable itself upon finishing the update. TO be expected? Should I upload a log?
  8. Just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 over the past few days. MBARW has as far as I can tell continued to run fine throughout the process. Been using Chrome, Pale Moon, Office 2007, Steam, and all my usual programs (can generate full list if it'd be useful) without incident. I've decided to use the built in reset ability of Windows and get a clean system just to get rid of some bloat that I've built up. I'll make sure to install MBARW first and see if there are any significant issues it presents in putting together a fresh PC.
  9. Sadly the future user of the spare machine has asked me not to use it as a testbed =( On a positive note though, still running fine here (Windows 8.1, Lenovo Y410P) with my ludricrous defensive array with no conflicts or false positives, and also on my father's laptop as well (Windows 10, Dell XPS 15 9550). So to anyone that might be nervous about the Beta, come on in, the water is fine.
  10. Just thought I'd post this for those that might be on the fence about trying the beta. I run MBAM, MBAE, Comodo Internet Security (HIPS, Auto-Sandbox, etc. all enabled), Hitman Pro Alert, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting (I'm a regular spearphishing target). No conflicts at all so far despite the ludicrous amount of things working on concert. Installation went without a hitch. If I'm feeling brave perhaps I'll test it against live fire on my spare machine which is about to have its HDD swapped out for an SSD anyway.
  11. I agree that MBAM is a big of a hog. I've got 8GB of RAM so it doesn't actually bother me in real world usage, but it was surprising to open my task manager and see MBAM's processes using over 100MB, more than all my other security programs combined (Hitman Pro Alert, Zemana, and Comodo AV+Firewall).
  12. Count me as another anxiously awaiting the ability to put MBAE and Pale Moon together and see how they work.
  13. For no particular reason I decided to do a custom scan and I checked the box to look for rootkits. Doing so causes the following error message to appear: "Error: Malwarebytes was unable to load the Anti-Rootkit Driver. Error code:20026 Do you want to continue scan without anti-rootkit support?"
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