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  1. Thanks. Wish I'd seen this post before I followed the MWB advice to start removing stuff. Now I need to try and restore the backups of the apps and data :(
  2. I am seeing exactly the same problem. It is pretty much telling me that every app that I have installed is compromised with android/PUP.Risktool.CallPay.Io
  3. Thanks for the heads up and I am aware of the definition "As a reminder, using pirated software or utilities that allows one to pirate software (e.g. cracks, key generators, registration/license removal, redirection, or workaround utilities, etc.) is not a safe practice and can lead to malware infection, ransomware attack, or even legal action." I am not involved in this in any way as defined in the quotes - as I said I share music that is not available commercially and in fan based communities that would ban anyone sharing commercially available music and delete links that did that. I do
  4. Many thanks. I'll hold off applying this until I am done with Support.
  5. Thanks I would appreciate that! I don't actually download much nowadays but I am seeding a lot of older shares - primarily Eric Clapton shows that I have on HD.
  6. That one is an interesting one as I have actually been advise that, if you find a stable version of uTorrent then stick with it and avoid upgrades. That was the rationale presented by a big bootleg music file sharing site that I use and have done for many years. I'll try what you suggest as I know that I can always go back to the older version if this one is unstable. EDIT: That was interesting. I went to the official uTorrent site and MWB blocked it stating that is has Adware! ? I tried downloading the update fronm the app and of course it doesn't work.
  7. That is very helpful for which I thank you. I have uninstalled Java.
  8. That is some very useful information fro which I thank you! I guess one question to ask is why Adobe Flash Player, JAVA RE, etc. don't automatically update but perhaps this might not be the place to ask. I know on my work laptop, I always seem to be getting Java updates. Also, is there any value on having Spybot still installed? I have always had it out there before I had MWB and perhaps it is now redundant if MWB does all that it does (and probably more).
  9. It was still switching off up to my repeating the clean installation again this morning. Support are working with me and stated that my version is out of date. This begs the question why/how as I have automatic updates and beta updates switched on to automatically download. Something ain't right here, guys!
  10. 1.0.441 temporarily solved the problem for about 1 week. I am using Windows 7, Norton Internet Security
  11. Will do. The issue cropped up again Friday 4:30 pm - the desktop is left running 24/7
  12. Hi dcollins, Looks like my problem is back again. Same symptoms.......................
  13. Please see my earlier post. I used recommendations in this thread to get to where I am now so this version has only been up and running for about 45 minutes
  14. Thanks for your suggestion. I have clicked on the Install Application Updates and it says that none are available. In About, I have MWB Version, Component package version 1.0.42, update package version 1.0.6461
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