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  1. The main executable for one of my projects is flagged as malware. I have source code located at a repo here: https://github.com/misterperson/Dark-Souls-2-Armor-Optimizer It is a C# GUI that writes values to 4 separate JSON files then captures the output from an executable run from the same directory. Attached is the scan report as well as the entire contents of the directory the item was detected in. False_Positive.zip edit: didn't read full instructions. Scanning again with /developer and will update the log file in the morning edit2: didn't understand that instructions differ for each version. Above attachment is actually indeed correct ?
  2. Windows 8.1 prompts users if they want to install new drivers, and MBAE does not seem to trigger it on install. NVIDIA had the same issue with their drivers. Not sure if correlation or not, but just wanted to let people know.
  3. I'm pretty sure if left alone in options, by default MBAM will show Peer-to-Peer software in the results
  4. MBAR seems to hang frequently while scanning System. When it does hang, canceling will bring up the cancel scan prompt but MBAR won't close. Closing it using either the corner button or double clicking icon also brings up the stop scan prompt. Using taskmanager to kill the process gives me an access denied error despite running MBAR on my own account as an administrator. Signing out was the only way to kill it as it was stealing my CPU. After scanning again, it seems to hang on "C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\Com\comadmin.dll" on Windows 8.
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