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  1. I like to click "All Clients" -> "Threat View" and sort by time to see what's going on in near real-time.
  2. Something I did notice that's really helpful for me is: version of service "SCCommService" = now: version of service "SCCommService" =
  3. Thanks.. it's been interesting here. I ended up reverting my install for now. A lack of communication with my group caused some variables which boned the install.
  4. and if.. IF there is a guide... why isn't it bundled with the installer?
  5. Where is the install/upgrade guide for After upgrading none of my remote clients are reporting. I'm assuming its a port or something, but that would have been nice to know, or even better it would have been great for the installer to say "Hey Jack, we're gonna need to open up some ports... we'll take care of that for you". I DO have a case open with support, but I still wanted to rant. Is there a login portal to download new versions of the EE server in the future?
  6. Agreed, we use IBM/TEM to push most of our software. A version change would be extremely helpful.
  7. You guys rock! I love the Enterprise product. It was nice to be able to talk to ya'll in person. It was even better to WIN A NEXUS 7! BOOM! I hope to see you next year @ SpiceWorld 2014.
  8. Maybe I missed something, but it would be nice if I wasn't forced to install SQL Express. I already had SQL 2008R2 installed on this server.
  9. Instead of needing to authenticate to scan & push, it would be great if I could save a service account's credentials.
  10. It would be nice to have an additional check box on the "Client Push Install" tab that said "Hide Managed Clients" Otherwise it's detecting an unmanaged version and hiding it with the "Hide Installed Client" check box.
  11. Thanks Ron. I'm in the process of evaluating EE and doing some testing. Thanks for the speedy response!
  12. I'm getting some PUP hits. I can't find any information to see what they do. Does MBAMEE have a place where the detections are listed with details about the specific detection?
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