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  1. Thank you exile360, I will keep it in my FFox 🙂
  2. I have Malwarebytes Premium with all 4 real time protections active. Is the Firefox extension really needed or is that for users that do not have the Web Protection in the Premium license? Does it extend the protection or does my MB 3 Premium already provide all the protection needed? Thanks, AD
  3. If TV is free I don't mind commercials, but when paying nearly a hundred a month for TV, there should not be commercials unless you pick a channel that actually is designated for them. That is my stance on them and one of the main reasons I cut the cord myself.
  4. This update really reduced the slow down I was experiencing with a few things on my computer. I still notice a slight delay when right clicking file explorer and using the jump list to open a specific folder I have pinned but it is about half the delay from before the update. If you tweak it even more for the next release, it will be perfect for me. Great job!
  5. @exile360 The new component update today helped take some of slow down away. It is not bad at all now. I can still tell but it isn't bad enough like before when I would exit totally before doing work in File Explorer. Much better and I love having Bitdefender & Malwarebytes running together. Super locked down. ?
  6. I am using Bitdefender free version and Malwarebytes Premium latest version. I did completely uninstall Malwarebytes and rebooted before I installed Bitdefender. The only thing I can mention as an issue is not related to the two of them working together. Malwarebytes adds a significant delay to some things on my PC. This occurs with or without Bitdefender running at the same time. It is only a few things that the slow down bothers me with so I can live with it until the next update. Bitdefender nor Malwarebytes have any exclusions for the other on my system. They work in perfect harmony.
  7. Welcome fr33tux .... I was scared at first but after checking everything, it is fine.
  8. Apparently this detection is related to a tiny ad for their other products that appears in the lower right corner. I excluded it and all is well.
  9. I use a program called Wise Disk Cleaner 9. Adwcleaner keeps detecting folder in my C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Wise Euask after I have run Wise Disk Cleaner. There is nothing in the folder even after running the program. It just creates the folder and then Adwcleaner is detecting it. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.
  10. Same results here. I am running the new beta on Windows 10 1803 v17134.1 and it is running great. I don't seem to have as much of a delay rebooting now as I did with the regular version of Malwarebytes. I really like the new GUI as well. Great job guys!
  11. I ran the basic repair last night after I backing up my PC just to test it out. I rebooted and saw no ill effects from it. I turned the Basic Repair options to all OFF afterwards. I cannot say for sure if it will mess up anything on yours, but it didn't bother mine. I only had two options enabled for Basic Repair: Delete Tracing Keys and Winsock Reset when I ran it.
  12. No, just my Windows drive. It takes about 3-4 minutes for me to image it.
  13. A great idea with restore point. I make a complete image before installing anything that might cause a mess with my system. I had no idea a portable version that only runs(doesn't install) could intrude into my system that far. I will never use their program again.
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