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  1. Will do! I am turning on Beta updates in Malwarebytes so I will get the fix faster. Like you said, I am protected and no worries here.
  2. You are welcome. Here is another picture of what I see for providers in the Security Center.
  3. I had kind of guessed the issue was what LiquidTension posted. Sunday morning I did a repair install and the issue remained. I look forward to the update which fixes this. Here is the status file you requested. status.txt
  4. Malwarebytes will still not register itself in the Security Center, even if I wait 10 minutes after a reboot. I am going to just live with it until I do a clean install. If it does it on a clean install, I will just reload my backup image that I take before the install and post back with results. Will not be doing the clean install until Monday at the earliest.
  5. I am done tinkering/working on it for the night. Will check back in the morning. Thanks for all your help Maurice.
  6. I can however toggle the setting in MB to off/on for registering and it turns WD off and everything is the way I like it.
  7. Update, WD says it is active and no Security Center alerts. However MB is installed, active and set to register in the Security Center, but is not doing so. I have rebooted a couple times, as well as removed MB and reinstalled. Currently at this state, with MB on and should be registered in there, WD should be off because of that, but MB is not registering.
  8. I rebuilt the WMI repository earlier. Now ESET is gone from there, but Windows is reporting both WD and MB are off when they are actually both on. Here is the zip. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Also, this is after using Revo Uninstaller Pro to trace the ESET install and removal. I then had it do an advanced search for all things related and removed them. Rebooted and ran the support tool. This is still in the logs.
  10. I uninstalled ESET a while back. Apparently the uninstaller the app uses, left some data behind. I used the ESET Uinstaller tool from safe mode, but the Malwarebytes Support Tool still shows ESET registered in the Security Center. The ESET log from the uninstaller shows it was removed from the Security Center. I am not sure how to remove it manually. Kind of frustrating.
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