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  1. I would but it is on the PC that was experiencing it, which is a desktop PC, and I am on the laptop(because I am in college at the moment) and I might have accidentally erased the logs while freeing up space on that PC, although I know where to find the logs
  2. They say that, but its firewall alone Doesn't stop the types of attacks I was having as the router itself had one built in. I think some ppl still use this method to troll server admins because, as I said before, when I uninstall mbam it starts happening again, when it is reinstalled it stops happening, and I can still get players in the servers(I don't know how the q3 message looks like on the flooder's side when they try to 'connect' to the servers again only to be rejected)
  3. Also to add to it the servers had sv_allowDownload set to 1, and the files to be downloaded weren't too big. As for the router I now have a Motorola NVG510 model using U-Verse High Speed Max pumping 12 MB/s inward and outward(even though I had AT&T come check and fix the wiring to the house as the conn was dropping like a mofo, but this is unrelated to the ping attacks) and the server I still connect to had some issues as well from time to time
  4. I used a 2Wire Gateway from at&t when this was occurring... When I did not have MalwareBytes on my PCs(Had MSE working by itself) and I was hosting servers on another Computer(I have three), someone would connect from time to time, but then a random ping flooder would 'join' but I won't see him on the server, even when I go into the server although my ping is showing activity. Also, when I join another server I notice that my ping has gone from the usual 40-60 ping to 300-400+ ping when this happens, but when I reset the Router and kill the dedicated servers it stopped... for a while. Then I installed mbam and it stopped happening, showing a blocked incoming IP notification every time it tries to happen(maybe some random "player" on quake 3 using the servers to initiate a network DoS), and this only happened when I was hosting servers.
  5. I understand what you are saying about this, but I actually meant when MalwareBytes was on the computer the ping jumps stopped, but when I uninstall they come back, so that's why I said that comment about it blocking ping floods/DoS attacks
  6. I think that MalwareBytes stops most DoS attacks. I was running quake III servers before mbam and it got a few players... along with random ping-flooders(because my network ping was unusually high w/no one on server, usually 40-60 as client, 200-500 ping spike when getting "bombed"). After mbam these never happened anymore and legit players can still get through(got rid of the ip block notification but the blocker is active)
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