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  1. im using KIS 2014 and malwarebytes pro i am experiecing a problem which is when im sending attachments on gmail website with firefox kaspersky blocks the attachments if i exit kaspersky the files get upload with no problems i contacted kaspersky forums and they told me to remove malwarebytes and trying again i did that and the problem became solved (files get uploaded and sent with no failure) i think there is conflict with malwarebytes and kaspersky and when both are turned on kaspersky get confused and blocks the files so what do i have to do? i need malwarebytes for extra protection
  2. actually i know that is protecting you from bugs of any programs but need to know more specific how is successing doing so complicate purpose and if yes , does it do that with 100% success Looks kinda imaginary , that is what im asking
  3. I need to know more about this program. How does it work and generally the purpose of this program. If there are already topics available feel free to link them to me
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