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  1. F-Secure Safe has updated so I wonder if that's the cause so I'll have to possibly reinstall and uninstall it
  2. I've noticed that when I click to download Adwcleaner, it redirects to Toolslib.net and shouldn't it be downloaded for the website itself?
  3. for some reason I've notice I can't run a rootkit scan on my exernal harddrive but I keep getting this message a rootkit scan requires an entire drive to be selected for scanning, please update the areas of the system you want to scan to include an entire driver or disable rootkit scanning for this scan is this intentional also due to problems with the mbae64.sys driver (which I then renamed and lost sight of then managed to track down, I think it was the right one, it's digital signature under properties was labeled Malwarebytes corporation) I reinstalled MB3 because I couldn't check the boxes in the custom scan, it's working now at least sorry if the last bit doesn't make any sense

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