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  1. I should mention that Both times I cancelled the scan to uninstall some programs because I was afraid it would mess the scan up i did use the support tool to uninstall and reinstall malwarebytes and I will run another custom scan next week to see if that that false positive will reappear
  2. I’m doing another custom scan and right now it’s reached nine hours
  3. what logs are they requesting, I deleted them
  4. forgot to mention that I also ran the support tool as well
  5. also after I finished the custom scan, I downloaded the support tool, I should also mention is that I canceled the scan to uninstall some stuff I don't use that much them started the scan over from the beginning
  6. the item is from a previous Custom Scan which I aborted yesterday, I noticed how late it was and decided to go to bed, I didn't cancel the Scan I just shut down the Computer
  7. I did run a threat scan and nothing showed up
  8. 1: I'm concerned that Malwarebytes is being a bit slow, I started it at 8:45 am and it took 8 Hours and 34 minutes to finish 2: it did pick up something in a previous scan but it's not showing up in Quarantine I've provided the report and screenprints MB Report 1.5.2019.txt
  9. F-Secure Safe has updated so I wonder if that's the cause so I'll have to possibly reinstall and uninstall it
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