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  1. A friend of mine was having problems with her laptop and couldn't get the wireless driver to work and the installer was being terminated, so I used my android to tether internet to it via usb to download malwarebytes I run a scan, it finds 262 infections and after a reboot the driver starts working again! Thank you very much malwarebytes!
  2. For a classic favorite of mine I would have to say either tetris, or duckhunt. For modern/building I would have to say Minecraft.
  3. Firefox thank you for responding I know no details are released yet but could you explain perhaps a concept of how converting will work?
  4. So if I have a lifetime licence now and then I upgrade will I stay life time forever?
  5. I have used this site many times and I can confirm there are no malicious items to be found, it's simply a website about jailbreaking, jailbreak news, and news about Apple.
  6. I would have to say for mine it would be beagles.
  7. Err forget what I said above as soon as I right clicked properties on the file MBAM popped up and warned me about the file.
  8. MBAM didn't appear to pickup a PUP.DownloadAdmin in real time protection even when redownloading the file but it picked it up in a quick scan.
  9. So I just recently bought MBAM because it's an amazing antimalware program, and I decided to sign up on the forum if I ever needed to ask a question, first time I found out about MBAM was on bleepingcomputer (which currently I'm known on there as GLaDOS used to be known as firemaster1337) So yeah, glad I bought MBAM and yeah don't know what else to say
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