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  1. Many, many thanks here, too! I don't have a two year old to blame but much older family members who should have known better!! Pop up tells them to update now to protect your computer and they thought they were doing a good thing! Of course they were busy checking out their favorite websites! GRRRR! Ad Aware, Spybot, and Avast saw the problem and "deleted it" but it kept coming back. Even tried running these programs in safe mode. The ugly icon wouldn't leave my task bar nor would they go away! Contra-Virus was my major problem but saw items like Ad Protect, Expert Antivirus, Virus Blast, and Spy Shield show up in different scans. I did a lot of web searching and finally ran across your website through Kim Komando's site. Not sure of the links that I went through to get to your website but so glad I found you!! As soon as I ran your free program the problem was GONE! YES! Thank you! Thank you!! I didn't go with your Pro addition because I didn't know (1) if it would fix my problem(???!!!) and (2) how much it would cost ($$)! I had read so much during my search how the major anti virus programs like Norten and McAfee can't even catch these rogues and many of these pay per year are expensive even though they are suppose to stop malware! Avast sure couldn't get rid of it nor Ad Aware or Spybot - Free! What a joke! I am updating my free version to Pro ($14.95 for life!) which is a bargain for all the hours I spent trying to resolve my problem!! You guys deserve payment! I would like your opinion of AVG (yeah, free) anti virus & spyware and Zone Alarm (free also)?
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