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  1. I updated my laptop with the 1903 update without shutting down Malwarebytes and experienced licencing issues - now resolved. When I updated my desktop I shut down Malwarebytes and experienced no issues with licencing. Small sample and take it as you wish. Aside from Malwarebytes, I have experienced no issues with the 1903 update other than the laptop rebooting with Flight Mode (i.e. WiFi disabled) enabled - took me a couple of minutes to work that one out!
  2. Without wishing to hijack this thread for this user, I am seeing exactly the same behaviour after updating my laptop with the Window 10 1903 update. I have been into the My Account Area and deactivated all devices for this specific licence and will wait 24hrs before trying to reactivate.
  3. I'll give this a go but it won't be until next week as I'm a bit preoccupied with a piece of urgent work. Many thanks.
  4. Good morning. PFA the zipped .nfo file as requested. MS Info.zip
  5. Here's the Zipped Log File as requested. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. There's still an issue with MB 3.7.1, the Ransomware module and video play stuttering. I haven't checked all video players but iTunes video is definitely affected. With the previous version, BBC iPlayer, VLC Media Player, YouTube and video played in Chrome (possibly other browsers but I primarily use Chrome) all momentarily froze and then recommence. Ransomware protection will have to remain disabled for now.
  7. If you're basically stating that the programme was running but the icon doesn't display in the System Tray the it's probably down to having Fast Start-Up enabled - the update to v1809 will probably have done this. To disable it do the following: Go to Settings | System | Power & Sleep | Additional power settings (on the right of the screen) | Choose what the power buttons do | Change settings that are currently unavailable Uncheck 'Turn on fast start-up (Recommended)'
  8. Just to follow up on my original post in this thread. As stated above I have seen stuttering video when using WinTV 8.5 (latest) and also on the BBC News site that I view predominantly via Chrome, occasionally Microsoft Edge. Over the last few days I have switched the ransomware module off/on a few times and can confirm that with the ransomware module off I have not seen ANY video stuttering. I will now leave it off for the foreseeable future in the hope that the cause has been identified. If I can assist with sending logs etc. please let me know.
  9. I've been investigating stuttering video/audio with Hauppauge WinTV v8.5. Having read this thread I have disabled the Ransomware component and, while it's only been a few hours, I have not seen any stuttering. I'm not certain when I received the 3.6.1 update but the stuttering didn't happen prior to its release date. That said the release of Windows 10 v1809 was around the same time. I'll report back on my experiences in a few days.
  10. It happened to me this morning (several hours after the above post) and so I manually downloaded and installed the VLC Media Player installation file.
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