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  1. Unlimited data with a company called SMARTY for £18.75/month (approx $23.62/month). I've been using this solution for around 3 years now with no issues.
  2. I agree that it's odd but haven't had time to investigate it further via my ISP and/or Google. That said, I have run the cmd again using the ISP's DNS server IP address and there are just two lines i.e. direct to the DNS server. I live in the UK countryside where I can't get fibre and the speeds via the phone line were very poor so I ditched the landline entirely and receive my 'broadband' via the 3 mobile phone network. Speeds went from 6.5Mbps down/0.7Mbps up to 60Mbps down/35Mbps up.
  3. I have been experiencing intermittent 'Resolving Host' issues using Microsoft (Chr)Edge and Chrome. I went through some diagnostics with Malwarebytes staff and an install/reinstall of the latest beta v However, the issue returned. Yesterday evening I decided to investigate further and change the DNS server used by my Router (Google Mesh WiFi) from that of Google to that of my ISP. The issues immediately went away in both browsers and continue to be absent. I have attached the results of a 'tracert -d' command that suggest some form of networking problem. I hope this may assist some others experiencing problems.
  4. AdvancedSetup. This whole thing is now starting to irritate me. I won't be following your instructions as the issue was resolved some considerable number of posts ago. The last few posts have been as a consequence of somebody changing the topic title from what I originally wrote to something not accurate.
  5. Oh dear. You're going to regret ever having changed the title of the topic I started. The current title: 'Malwarebytes 4.1 very slow on Windows 10 v2004' does not reflect the issue or match the original title. The issue was that Windows 10 v2004 and the response of browsers was very slow. Please put the title back to the original of 'Windows 10 v2004 and Malwarebytes 4.1.'
  6. The two entries for ESET are likely for each of the AntiVirus and Firewall elements. If I view the Windows Security Centre directly there is only one mention of ESET under AntiVirus; there is another mention under Firewall. The KMSserverService and AutoKMS folders have definitely now been deleted - I previously only deleted the files within the folders. The MTB Output is attached. MTB.txt
  7. Morning Maurice. No, I didn't post in someone else's thread. I started a thread of my own (see the first post in this thread) entitled 'Windows 10 v2004 and Malwarebytes 4.1' or very similar. My primary issue was the extreme slowness caused after the update to Windows 10 v2004 and the rectification after uninstalling Malwarebytes. I reported that I had seen no 'Resolving Hosts' issues by way of completeness in the same way that in post #17 I said 'all is fine' following the reinstall and update to the beta version. My computer is self-built, it happens to have an Asus Motherboard and since the reinstallation of Malwarebytes (v4.1.1.71 beta) it has been fine. ESET & Malwarebytes are both running as they have done for many years.
  8. Maurice. I've noticed that you've changed the title of this thread which I object to as the OP. The issue, as reported, was not specifically about the 'Resolving Host' problem.
  9. Here you go Maurice, the logs are attached as requested. So far I have seen no 'Resolving Hosts' issues. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. I completed a scan in order to remove the red flag on the System Tray icon. Some remnants of Auslogic Disk Defragmenter found as a PUP and deleted as I haven't had the program itself installed for a few years.
  11. Good morning Maurice. Malwarebytes, installed, updated (to the latest beta) etc. and after an hour or so all is fine. Many thanks for your assistance, it's hugely appreciated.
  12. And here's the log from the Full Scan. msert.log
  13. Here's the log from a Quick Scan. The Windows Defender registry entry is, I believe, from installing ESET Smart Security Premium. I'm now running a Full Scan and will attach the log file from that in due course. msert.log
  14. Tool run and the log file attached. Fixlog.txt
  15. Evening Maurice. I'm aware that many security vendors flag them and when I had the old (hooky) version of MS Office installed I excluded them for detection for that very reason. I will run the tool overnight as it's clearly going to take sometime. I'll report back tomorrow. Many thanks, your assistance is hugely appreciated.
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