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  1. Everything has cbeen resolved by the Help Desk. Thank You.
  2. Really? i thought i only had the one, which was avast
  3. I'm sorry i seem to be having problems contacting Help Desk, i can't seem to locate my order number
  4. I've removed iobit from my system, and i've also asked contacted Help desk for any assistance with this problem, however i do not know when they will be replying so i want to keep this thread going and find a fix for this issue. Thank you for the help so far
  5. Hello thank you for your reply, i've don what you've told me and got these two logs. dds.txt attach.txt
  6. Hello, recently i've noticed that as time goes by rundll32.exe starts to gradually taking up a lot of my memory, it even took up 800k of my memory at one point. Usually just restarting fixes the problem but it starts to gradually get larger again. I also noticed that their were 2 of rundll32.exe in my task manager, one stays low while the other takes a lot of my memory. I've scanned with malwarebytes and avast yet nothing comes up as a virus or malware. I've looked around and havn't found a solution, if anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated.
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