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  1. I have mom, dad and daughter profiles on our Windows 8.1 machine. When I clicked on mom or dad, the spinning notification just kept spinning. The daughters account was the only that would open. When I open control panel and settings to try and update the only image on the page was the big gear used for the Settings. I put the Windows 8.1 disk in the CD/DVD drive to attempt auto play and a rebuild. When I rebooted Malware bytes opened, detected two files. I quarantined them then rebooted. The machine runs properly now. Thanks MB! You guys really saved the day! Thanks! Matt
  2. Hello Yesterday, Friday July 26, 2013, someone from the SOC walks up, pulls the copper and hardrive from my work PC, walks away and says "long story". I come to find out that my machine has introduced and propagated rather respectable malware. The tool that captured the exploit lists a url and a filename that was triggered July 10, 2013: http://surpassingpriority.in:80/white/urban sentiment.txt?e=15&h=13 attachment filename="contacts.exe" I believe antivirus is cleaning up the enterprise client workstations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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