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  1. Hi, Where can I find the latest download version for the Anti-Exploit? Mine is "" Shiri
  2. Hi, I had the Malwarebytes Pro 1.70 Pro version and it was converted to the 2.0 version. I need to restore my computer back to February 2014, will the Malwarebytes Premium 2.0 version come back? I don't see the 'Key' number on the Malwarebytes 2.0 to download it. Thanks
  3. I put the exclusions/whitelisted on the same time I added Mbytes and Emsisoft AM. A lot people said it wouldn't work, freeze my computer, so I did it and it works smooth like as MSE with Win7 on a virgin computer , which I did the same with that too. I was trying to find out why not just use the folder since it includes everything you trying to exclude anyway. I was told 3 different ways to add the 'Files' instead of the 'Folder' way, so I used Mbytes way and so far it's ok.. Thanks again,
  4. Forgot to add that I don't have any problems, just making sure that what I'm doing is ok. AVG is running good, finds all bad things, everything is up to date and no conflicts so far........
  5. I have Windows 7, 64bit Can you use the 'Folder' ? What the difference in using the 'exe' or the 'Folder' way ? I'm still dumb and learning about computers, so bear with me Thanks...
  6. What files do I exclude using AVG Premium 2014 with Malwarebytes Pro (mbam.exe....mbamgui.exe, ...mbamservice.exe ) ? Should I use anymore?
  7. It works ok with AVG. I didn't see the TEST file, does this version have it?
  8. Another question, I see an exploit that was blocked, but I can't see what it was. Does ' i ' mean info? I clicked on it but it won't open I must be doing something wrong or not right....
  9. How do you exclude HitmanPro in MBAE ? I see the 'EXCLUDE' section but no way to copy or transfer it.... Thanks
  10. I read where Malwarebytes is dropping PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) scan. From Malwarebytes- ..........."While these types of programs and additions are unwanted by many, they’re not malicious nor infections. We detect some as ‘PUP’ (Potentially Unwanted Programs) but cannot classify all due their actual install practices, which when inclusive of an EULA or options to not install prevents additions to the database in any way. Users are advised to always check for ‘custom’ installation options whenever adding any program to your computer as this is the best way to avoid unwanted ‘extras’..."
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