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    Am I the enemy? If so why? I don't hack to be nasty or anything like that, the closest I've come to that is running attacks against my own system using backtrack in order to harden it. Vince_ is puzzled by your anwser?......................................................
  2. Mountaintree16 you have a block on your PM lol
  3. vince_


    Hi Today I was wondering do sites such as MBAM's forum get attacked and probed a lot by people? By this I mean script kiddies, black hat's, with a grudge, even other anti virus companies. One thought was that some people might not like you helping people who they have infected to try and extract money from. A curious Vince
  4. Training a water vole to eat beacons...

  5. Thanks advanced setup. I thought outgoing must be something on the computer. I looked beacons up and it was quite interesting, they are quite sneaky. Thankies for the reply
  6. Water Voles keep looking at me funny...

  7. me a FURRY, round the bins at 8 I'll show you furry

  8. Sub6fix Malwarebytes is the best in it's class and vince is always right unless Mrs vinces is around. I do know that call centers can be troublesome some times (I don't know about mbams as i've not used it) but you shouldn't let 1 miss understanding put you off or stop you from recommending such a great product as Malwarebytes, I mean it's detection rate is great and it's a one time payment, you can't knock that. Pluss so many helpfull staff on this forum who are always ready to help and give there time, in this day and age help for free and one time payments for a great product is like trying to pull one over on mrs vince it doesn't happen very often, mainly cause I'm too scared. Malwarebytes and all its other products most of which are free it's awesome. Mbam team you can run me over, shoot me, kick me in the hoo haas, insult me till the cows come home (and that wan't an innuendo aimed at mrs vince) I will still use mbam cause it is number 1, for me at least. Vince_
  9. I did that and it didn't work either. It's still working fine at the moment since I reinstalled. Unrelated to the above: I'm trying to do some diagnostics using this site http://measurementlab.net/ and when I run the NDT test is stops it saying its and exploit? Is it flagging it for real or a misstake? please http://measurementlab.net/run-ndt Thankies for ya help Vince_
  10. Hello I got an out going message from mbam blocking (the one below) 2013/07/17 20:12:41 +0100 VINCE-PC Vince IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 53139, Process: chrome.exe) Its to a server in Holland called no.1 runescape private server Organization:AltusHost B.V Host of this ISP: hosted-by.iws.co So why is my notebook trying to contact this server? please. Do you think I have something on it? I have not noticed any unusual behavior from the netbook and have scanned with mbam, MSE and mbam rootkit oh and not forgetting TDsskiller which did highlight opendns crypt as I think suspect but I've contacted them about that to see if it was a fp. Any old help would be spiffing Vince_
  11. Good day to you Pbust I run TaskManager and then in ProcessExplorer I try to end mbae.exe it just says I'm not admin, but I tried stopping other programs and they all terminate OK. The only way for me to get it going if it does not start at start up which is rare is to reinstall it. One thing I did notice is in processExplorer when it's not working the User Name which should be SYSTEM is blank and no longer displaying. It's been working fine since I posted and started up just fine on every boot. If it happens again is there some way for me to collect data that tells you whats happened? I don't know much about computers so if its simple that would be great Sorry I was not very clear on the matter.
  12. Your bin tonight

  13. Opps it has gone 1,2,3,4,5,6 for some reason probably because I copied the text from known issues then pasted it in deleting the 1 sorry about that. The numbers, well just ignore them there not anything to do with my post Vince_
  14. Hi Mbam The workaround you describe below is no longer working for me since I installed the new update I try to end it in process manager it says I am not admin. I am running as admin and have tried talking it around but it just sticks 2 fingers up at me. The only thing it would accept to get it working is to re-install."Sometimes the icon disappears from the traybar after reboot even if mbae.exe is running. As a workaround, run TaskManager or ProcessExplorer as administrator and "kill" the process mbae.exe/mbae64.exe and then run Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from Start, Programs, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit."Cheer's Vince_
  15. Hiya Thank you all for your help. I'm going to try Bitdefender Trafficlight for chrome browser. Thanking you all kindly A happy Vince_ (always happy when its free and something new to play with)
  16. Hi CWB thanks for your reply, I didn't like WOT because it lists so many unsafe sites as safe. Do you have a link for the free link scanner ESET please as I had a look and couldnt find it Thanks Vince_
  17. Hello masterblokz you say Bitdefender? I have had a sniffter at there site and found no free real time link scanner. Do you have a Link to the one you refer to please? Thanks Vince_
  18. Hi I don't know the correct term for it but I am wondering what the best free traffic light safe search program you can get is. I have tried Web of trust (WOT) and found it marks dangerous sites as safe. I also tried McAfee site advisor and found it hit and miss as to when it wanted to work or as 70% of the time never worked, for me at least. I have done a search on the net but not found any other free programs with the green ticks and red cross that mark sites as safe or not. Could anyone suggest some reliable free alternatives please. Thank you kindly Vince_
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