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  1. GoNe FiShInG >O>

  2. I've just become aware that I'm an idiot... mub-mub-mub

  3. Chopping carrots with a fan is a bad idea, oh dear mrs vince went mad about a little bit, well a rather orange kitchen...

  4. Will my fan chop my carrots. To be continued.

  5. SHARKS...Every time I go for a swim, seals scare the OH YEAH outa me and pretend to be sharks, even the mackerel swim past me with there dorsal fins out the water like a shark..

  6. I've entered the twilight zone.......

  7. Don't expect to read anything worth a sheep's right eye in my profile.

  8. Training a water vole to eat beacons...

  9. Water Voles keep looking at me funny...

  10. me a FURRY, round the bins at 8 I'll show you furry

  11. Your bin tonight

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