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  1. What shall I do, I'm pc technical two left handed, so... I made the recommended update of KMplayer without the extra options, since then I got this IP at least every two minutes appearing and blocked by Malware.com Must I delete KMplayer (and loose my vids), before Pandora caused no troubles, it's since last update. If it's possible without loosing my vids, could you guide me through it? Can I after the deletion install the update again without the so persistent pops up? Thank you, Chris.
  2. I had already many mail with the support service of them and they find no problem because my username and password are correct. So I was (am) assuming the cause could be due the protection by Malwarebytes. That's the reason I cam here. BTW: my settings are set to receive e-mail warning that I got an answer on my message(s), but I do not get those alerts.
  3. Hello, I can go on the site but I cannot login despite username and pasword are correct. The site I'm writing about has not and is not blocked. Thank you, Chris.
  4. Yes that's the one. I can acces all of the site, like preview(s) and purchase-page, but I cannot login in the members area, despite my username and password absolutely are correct. I get no warning of Mwb and even when I close it, it doesn't help. The site is: legsultra So I can go everywere but like I already wrote, I cannot in the members area login. Thank you. Best regards Chris.
  5. Hi, I never had problems to login on a website on which I am a paying member. Since I got Mwbytes, I canNOT login anymore. Though I do not get in the right upper-corner a IP of bad site warning. So I cannot follow the steps described to unblock because there is no. So I thought I might be wrong with my username and password there, but no, after a password retrieval they are both correct. Any suggestions to solve this problem?? Thank you, Chris.
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