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  1. sorry, I'm using java 7 u15 any update passed that produces the error 1058. The synology diskstation is a nas device which uses java so I can upload files from my computer . when I update to a later java update I can no longer upload. The message I get Is failed to upload which must be something to do with the launch browser error I get when I install a later version of java. It shows up in firefox ok with no problems. So I think It could be a bug in java progam relating to the browser.
  2. I have the same problem using vista and firefox and get browser launch error 1058 . It seems to work ok but I have a synology disk station and when I try to upload from my computer I get no connection error It seems there is a problem with java . The only way I get my diskstation to work is by using java 6 u15 . Quite a few people have this problem yet there is no mention of this on the java site.
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