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  1. Thanks for the reply guys, yea, after some while, it went back to normal...I'll still try to make a call to my ISP...appreciate the help, thanks again...
  2. Hello, Good Day. As the title says, my router-modem (Cisco DCP 2320) disconnects then reconnects itself every time someone tries to connect through Wifi, but if I turn off my access point, and connect only my Desktop Computer through a line, it seems fine. Tried changing channels but the problem still persist, the router was new and was only installed today, it was working fine early in the day but got the problems around evening time... Thanks..
  3. My friend tried to delete the file but my PC suddenly hanged and I used the reset button to recover it. I will try the Virus Total later on the day, thanks for the inquiries..
  4. So what should I do with the file? should I delete it? or move it back? because it suddenly popped up in my documents.. thanks
  5. Is cfgmgr32.dll suppose to show up in my Documents? A little information would be appreciated, Thank You..
  6. Sorry, for the late reply, I have fixed my GPU and the problem was my fan stopped working and I replaced it. thank you for the help.
  7. I think so too, i reached 96 celsius but no Bsod, i cleaned the gpu till the fan only, I didn't remove the cooling fins...I have an Uncle whose an electrician, he knows how to apply heat sink, I'm gonna ask him tomorrow, and gonna be back here later the night because I have a health check up. wish to hear from you later on and thank you very much.
  8. scary thing is, from 60 celcius it goes to 100 celcius in minutes...any ideas on this?
  9. I did what you said, it is open, and had a little fan over it, but it is still heating up? what could this mean? is it related to my power supply?
  10. I noticed something when I turned on a program to view my temps, and started my game, amazingly my GPU temp increases rapidly while my other core temps are fine. I cleaned it up and if hits 100 deg. Celcius it goes BSOD, any views on this?
  11. Problem was, not only one game, tried another game and within a couple of minutes I get BSOD, I opened up and cleaned my desktop to see if its temp problem, gonna check it now, anyway, can power outage (sudden black outs) cause this, because I was fine early in the morning but suddenly there was a black out and after that I kept getting BSOD's when trying to play.
  12. hello, im back, I installed the latest nvidia but I still get the BSOD, while leaving my game on for about a couple of minutes it will restart, without any bluescreen, it just restarted and I get a report of windows recovering from it saying its a Blue Screen event. here is the dump files. dumps.rar
  13. If so, I have already downloaded an NVIDIA update for my driver, I had a hunch that it was the cause...
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