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  1. This blocking had been reported by the members of my forum who says that the warnings had ended now. One told-me that adding the domain name in their exclusion list did not change anything, but only adding the the IP in the exclusion list was stopping your antivirus to block my web site and my forum, where there is nothing malicious. Anyway, the problem is ended, but it was not nice.
  2. After verification, you are blocking all the sites on a shared hosting on the pretext that one of them would be harmful?By doing so, you cause harm to their rightful and innocent, owners and you risk JUDICIAL prosecution for that damage.IF you are unable and not enough compétants to block the dimain name and not the IP, nothing autorize you directly affect the way with practices that fall under with practices that are outright defamation.I'mù thinking to prosecute-youi, as you don't even take care to answer my messages several hours after..
  3. You can not get away with causing such nuisances !!!!!
  4. www.street-photo Is blocked, and nothing malicious in It. It is my own site.. It is the second time it happens: Malwarebytes causes me a significant damage. STOP THIS !
  5. hi, Bruce v201. looks OK on the sites i manage. Till the use of IPV6 generalized, may-be it would be time to think to a better version, using urls ? IPv4 is nothing usable: omho, shared hostings, floating Ips with DYN DNS can induce thousands of false positive, as it happened. With a big prejudice for innocent websites, multiplied by the success of your software. I understand why you can prefer databases of Ips for speed, but, at least, an heuristic analyses of those supposed dangerous Ips could slow only those, without blocking our clean web sites ? This is an old story, as well k
  6. Database: v2013.07.03.10. My web site http://www.street-photo.fr is, at least, accessible !!!!! The incident duration had been between 18 & 24h.
  7. Database: v2013.07.03.09. My web site http://www.street-photo.fr still not accessible !!!!!
  8. Reinstalled MBAM to verify: Database v2013.07.03.08, My website and forum: www.street-photo.fr (IP: still blocked and tagged as dangerous. STOP THAT, please, the joke had lasted long enough !!!
  9. I just tried an update 10 minutes ago: nothing changed. It is a just a shame ! Even a newbie with no idea of Internet could not imagine to block IPs in order to protect computers from infected *urls*. You really deserve a prosecution for the prejudice.
  10. Not true: all the IPs from the range 213.186.33.xx i have tried are blocked. Including the one from the OVH main website (i doubt it is on a shared hosting !!!).
  11. In the topic just under, i was the first to signal the problem with all IPs from OVH: no answer at all !!!!! It is just like blocking all Ips from Godaddy, 18 milions of web sites !!!!. AN ENORMOUS MISTAKE, unforgivable, and a BIG prejudice for millions of web site, including mines, that you seem (Malwarebytes) to not consider at all. Ok, MBAM uninstalled, with no prejudice for future legal prosecutions against Malwarebytes.
  12. And i had send an email to OVH, as the prejudice we suffer (for me: all my web sites blocked, and for OVH their owns as well as all the million ones of their clients) is ENORMOUS ! Best regards.
  13. Really ? A mistake of this importance can be forgiven once, not two ! It is exactly like to block all IPs from godaddy I have not found a simple way via the GUY to add wild cards to the exclude list, neither to edit-it directly. I uninstall MBAM forever, it is not serious.
  14. More than half of the French IPs blocked as false positives and still no answer ? OVH is hosting 18 millions of web sites !!!!! I know a more secure and fastere way to protect my computers: unplug the network.
  15. +0200 CLIENT Christophe_2 IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 49935, Process: firefox.exe)
  16. This night, all of a sudden , all the IP from the most important French hosting company (OVH) were blocked by MBAM. Including several web sites i manage and the main web site of this provider (manager , forum etc...) 0200 CLIENT Christophe_2 IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51530, Process: firefox.exe) 0200 CLIENT Christophe_2 IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51510, Process: firefox.exe) 0200 CLIENT Christophe_2 IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51481, Process: firefox.exe) 0200 CLIENT Christophe_2 IP-BLOCK 2
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