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  1. Application with error- Application Error cat 100 Event ID 1000 - assetion failure C++ on asserts, windows firewall notification could not be delivered in time, mbae.exe, version time stamp 0x51c4e00a, module MSVCR100D.dll, version process.id 0x119c1 following an Audit Failure in Microsoft_Windows_Security_Auditing cat. 1229 EventID 5032 record length 156. Just wanted to report the interaction with windows firewall notifications in this way caused mbae,exe to close down and a new session had to be started manually. Analyzed the incident following reports from MyEventviewer in Windows Vista. Hope developers can use this info to a good end, analyzer
  2. The application executable mbae.exe had to be closed and started anew, because of this error. I give the according details windows event viewer logs came up with. See attached error.txt
  3. I have some questions about code used with exploit shield. KeStackAccesProcess has a strange kernel-mode bug, that should be addressed. Some PoSIX functions are deprecated and the use of other functions are being advised, for instance the use of wscat etc.. This should be addressed by the developing team as well. Strong security code however is the use of ZwQueryInformationProcess API, available in NTDLL.dll depending on the undocumented function. There is also a debug proposition with link to test given. In the hope this advances the further deveopment of the code used. For all this see attached file. Hope you soon will reach the general beta phase, analyzer oversight.txt
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